Interviewed by my daughter

If the Washington Post is still around when Vivien is an adult they should take note, the kids a born interviewer.   I only asked her, “would you interview me?”  Figuring that whatever she asked me would be cute/funny, i.e “mommy, where do unicorns sleep at night?”  “What’s your favorite color?”  But, no, the kid went straight for the jugular.

That a girl!


Here is my take on the Chick-a-fil-a CEO’s anti gay marriage stance.

Left or right when there is a dust up in the media like the Chick-fil-a controversy I usually tune it out.  Blah, blah.  But, between Sarah Palin and Pat Boone proudly buying their over salted chicken and me still looking at my watch waiting for Prop 8 to be overturned in California I snapped like a wishbone.

Before prop 8 was passed in California we had meetings at Campanile to discuss how we would revamp our wedding website to make sure it looked representative of all who could marry.  We talked about putting ads in gay publications.  No one cared who was coming to be joined at my husband’s restaurant, only ,”how can we cater to this customer?”  A Korean wedding is a little different than a Jewish wedding or a Catholic wedding.  Hospitality, our belief, is unjudgemental.  Open bar, great, Seafood raw bar, ok. Whatever. It was not lost on us that gay weddings could help our business.  Not transformative, but booking a one a month helps pay the rent.  So, we were all shocked when Prop 8 passed. I still believe some people voted accidentally.  They thought they were voting for tolerance, not against.  Yes on 8 was really a No vote.  Confusing.  Florist, caters, paper companies, a lot of small businesses lost when Prop 8 passed.  It’s one of the reasons I believe it will be overturned.  Gay weddings are a job creator!

My husband, Mark Peel, loves hospitality because he believes that his job “is to create magic moments for people.”  When he received a restaurateur award 7 years ago he gave a lovely speech where he said “People come to us ( hospitality biz) for the special times in their life.  We are a part of that.” I thought it was very dear.

Everyone should have their magic moments.  Bar Mitzvah, romantic dinners, baptism, weddings.  So, I was thrilled when Campanile put this on their Twitter and FB

“F-ck Chick-a-fil -a. Come have our Camp-a-nil-e Fried Chicken this Friday. Taste much better and we can’t wait to cater a gay wedding.”

Mark does make the best fried chicken.  He rarely serves it, but it was on the schedule for Friday. Why not eat really tasty chicken and tasty politics?

Most people cheered it, a few people did not like it and say things along the lines, of stick to your cooking.  These people remind me of those who told Martin Luther King Jr “can’t you just wait?”

I don’t get why people would work to block equal rights to gays.  Doesn’t everyone have someone in their family who is gay?  Okay, that’s my soap box.  Here is the funny.  Not my video, but cracked me up.

John Goodman as Colonel Sanders. Let me know your take on all this and watch this vid for a chuckle.


PDA posture

When I’m at the park or play date or pumpkin patch with my kids and I tap out something on my Blackberry, I can feel a little guilty.  Shouldn’t I be focused on them and not on my technology?  Am I addicted to getting and sending messages?  Well, yes, I am… But it occured to me recently that having a PDA has allowed me to make a living and be with my kids.  I can be on the beach with them and get an email that someone would like to hire me to do a TV show segment.  I can reply, “yes….”  Thus, book the job and still be with my kids.

I can get an email, “Would you be cool having XYZ has sponsor on Coolmom?  ‘Yes, I would I love that product, and I love to monetize when I can, now Rex don’t climb on that goat…'”  You see how that works?

If only I could stand correctly…