My kids are NOT sorry

Maybe it’s because the first episode of my new Cafe Mom series is about Dealing with other parents ( see below) or maybe because I had a great time at my son’s preschool today in a book club.  We are reading “The Power of Play” by David Elkind.  Which boils down to this, stop scheduling, turn off the TV and let your kid bang on some rocks.  Whatever the reason, I have a new resolution.

The discussion among the few moms were in the group was that we react in play situations more out of peer pressure than what we believe.  Unless a kid is pounding on another kid with a hammer, we’d rather the kids work it out.
Of the “that’s my bucket” variety.

But, fearing some mom is going to give us a hard time we step in often when we don’t want to.  I got such a surge listening to these other moms I suddenly yelped, “I’m not going to make my kid say ‘sorry’.

Chorus of “Yes” ( in my heart I heard ‘Amen sister’) rang up from the tiny chairs we were seated in the pre school. If they don’t genuinely mean “sorry” it’s all bullshit anyway.

I’m not in junior high, what do I care what that mom at the park thinks of me? And fi I was a mom in junior high, how awkward.  Another mom in our group said, “I’m going to say, ‘If you want to step in, you can, but that’s not how I want to handle it.'”

We decided we would be judged and disliked by some parents, but we were going to try it. I’ll you how it works.

My F-Up

Hey, those Cool Mom readers who clicked on “Home Alone” saw something I had not intended for anyone but an editor and producer to see. It’s my raw, uncut talking to camera for an upcoming momversation about what do you say to a parent who has lost or is losing their child. It’s going to be a discussion between me and Heather Spohr who, sadly, has first hand experience with this subject. I cringe that I posted the wrong video because it’s such a sensitive issue, and I wanted to give it the proper context.

I labeled my videos incorrectly on my desktop so when I uploaded them you saw a heavy, sad video. I really try to keep my Cool Mom vids on the lighter side. I think the world is sad enough, and I would like to provide a little laugh and smile to you all. I know how much humor has helped me through dark moments, so I feel like it’s the one thing I can do. I’m not that clever or bright that I can cure the ills of the world or often even my own. But I do like to have chuckles on Cool Mom, so I’m really sorry I mixed the videos up. Thank you all who added your kind comments. I am going to move those to the comment section when I post the Momversation on this subject. I think that will be in a few days. Also note, the fading red blotch on my eye.  I’ve been a bit beat up by my month-long cough fest.

But you did just see the raw footage of a Momversation. That’s sort of what they are like when we send them to the producer and then they get all diced up with music.

I’m embarrassed I labeled the wrong vid. I’ve been a little sad and distracted lately.