Momversation: Are You Raising a Religious Child?

Are you there God, hello?  Are you busy or a figment of our imagination?  Whatever God you are, I’m open, just throw me a bone, show me you are there.  Hmmm… there’s no logic to bad things that happen to good people.  Maybe you aren’t there.  But, then December comes, and I hear “Silent Night,” and I want in on this club!  Or I go to a Jewish family’s Friday night dinner, and I’m reminded of how I like ritual. So, then, don’t I want my kids to have some grounding in some orthodoxy?  But I don’t want my kids to think the devil is under the bed, and I would like them to like their bodies as they get older.

So, how does a crusty agnostic provide their children with spiritual guidance without being a fraud or feeling like a poser?  Or should one even bother?  What religion (or lack of) has worked for you?  Does one parent want their children to be religious and the other is along for the ride or grumbling?  How do you work it out? The Momversationers chat.