Stretch Mark Creams

Man, did that kid feel like he was about to launch out. I’ve been lucky I don’t have anything too funky on my belly (the arms, though forget it!). But this stretch mark cream bizness… come on! My skin is as dry as crackers, and I didn’t get any stretch marks. It’s hormonal… but if George Clooney wants to rub some stretch cream on me, I will become a convert.

The Shape of a Mother

As we all know, your body does some adjusting when you are pregnant. Things that don’t always change after birth. Yes, one of my feet is a half-size larger than the other.

This site, The Shape of a Mother, was funny and touching. It is a very honest site about our bodies. So after you watch my vlog, please go check it out. It’s a great antidote to those awful tabloid covers rating celebrity cellulite and other flaws. What famous women have imperfect bodies? Stars, they’re just like us!