Ring, Ring! It’s Your Baptism!

When Vivien was a little I had heard about Stroller Strides. A group of gals, led by a mom teacher, who workout together in public places as they push their kids in their strollers. It’s an inexpensive exercise class and one of the few ways you can workout without hiring a baby sitter. Being a new mom everything seemed so tough to do at first.  I did eventually go and got something out of it but, didn’t know if it was quite my people.

With Rex I didn’t care if I was throwing off our precious schedule. I needed to move this body. So, I started back with the striders. The same nice gal is running the group and fortunately this time I feel like I connect with the moms better. In the beginning of the year I wasn’t working much I went a lot.. now, not as much.

Anyway, one day the moms were talking between dips and singing “Wheels on the Bus” while we worked on our triceps, and that is what led to this vid.

Too Much Mom

Okay people, here is another video I banked in anticipation of the phase I am in right now… mild road kill. It might be funny coming from a “mom blogger,” but sometimes moms can be too much about mommydom. When I first thought of doing this site it was because I wanted to touch on all of the mom brain thoughts that ping through our minds, not just the baby advice type stuff. I’ve been so heartened by the people who visit Cool Mom, ’cause they seem to have that little edge that I knew was out there and that wasn’t represented in the big childcare sites. So, this is about the what a drag it is when you don’t find the edge in real life.