camp planning

Congress has come to the rescue of the overworked air traffic controllers and frustrated passengers.  Wonder if there is any help available for another scheduling issue.  Summer Camp.  This is issue is multiplied by the amount of children you have.  So many factors go into it, personality of the child, their age, cost, how much mom wants to drive.

Here is a condensend version of my last couple of weeks. Wait, I’m still going through it.

Camp is work

Ah, the carefree days of summer are ending.  Laying around on the beach, tan skin and romances!  Well, I’m sure that was someone’s summer.  This vid is about how the work of summer.  It’s a funny transition when summer starts.  I have to get use to a new routine, then we wind further so that we have no routine and now I have to gear up for the routine again.

So camp/ summer school is it worth it?