Flu Flew By

So, now we aren’t sure the flu fairy did visit us. And by flu I mean REGULAR flu, NOT Swine Flu. Vivien tested positive for a sinus infection. She was only droopy for 36 hours, so I’m inclined to think it was not the flu. As when I had it a few years ago I was on my back… and not in a good way. The nurse said she should still finish the Tami Flu. I felt a little bad since it would give her little tummy aches.

By the way, found the best way possible to get her to take it. I put it in one of those plastic 2 oz containers that people give formula to babies in. Mix it with lemonade, cover with the lid. Then if possible go out to a public place and put a bright straw in the container. Taste isn’t terrible, straw is fun and less resistance in public. When we went to breakfast one morning it was a breeze. Then bribes are at the ready too.  “When you are done you can have a cupcake!”

I realize Swine flu is not the same as polio circa 1946, but I’m a little bent to find out a TA at school had told other parents that Vivien had had Swine flu. I was tipped off by another parent, so I said straight out to the kind TA “Vivien did not have swine flu; we don’t even think she had regular flu. Please don’t say that.”

Oh, okay.

Let’s get our communicable diseases right.

By the way, thanks to all who reminded my sleep-deprived brain about my pack and play. It is working out so well. Even though a few nights a week we still have to make and eat dinner, clean the dishes, get last-minutes snacks, make Viv’s lunch by 730 or 8 so I can put the PnP in the “playroom” and get Rex down to sleep. I even figured out where the power cord is for my monitor so it can’t “conk” out.

See what getting some sleep can do? I feel giddy. I’m so rested. I still nurse him when he wakes up at 1. Yes, partly because by then I look and feel as if I have had implants, but after the nights I’ve had for 8 months, waking up once feels like a gift. And I do miss him.

Sleeping, Viv back at school. Who knows what I can accomplish now! I even took a shower!

Momversation: Will Flu Shots Make Your Child Sick?

This is a major health issue. BUT get a load of my TV make up! I shot this right after I came home from taping “The Fashion Team,” which meant I had the pro make up. I think it looks good except the false eye lashes are too much for online vids.

Okay, I JUST got Rex’s 6-month shots. His doctor told me that yes, we should all get the swine flu vaccine in October, and we will. This vid was shot last week when I was still like… mmm peaches are nice this season… swine what??

I think I have rarely gotten a flu vaccine, but when I was a single gal I was not so concerned with it… although real bona fide flu is AWFUL. But I would NEVER want to make my kiddos sick, so sign me up.

Sidebar: I took Rex by myself to the doctor since Mark was still on driving restrictions (just lifted yesterday). Rex cried so hard he wouldn’t even nurse. A first for either of my children. I finally just picked him up and walked him out and brought him home. Poor lamb. I almost cried myself like I did the first few times Viv had her shots. But I have learned to sack up and not make it about ME. Got to be tough. Oh, but poor lamb. :( He has been very tender today.