Momversation: How Do You Deal with a Public Tantrum?

Oh, who hasn’t walked in those shoes… a kid is having a full blown Exorcist meltdown in public.  How do you react if it’s your own and how do you react if it’s a strangers child?  In this I talk about my my dear friend Christine D. who comes to the aid of a mother’s on planes.  Sign, what a love.

Is there a tried and true method you employ?  Is it always out of left field or do you see it coming? Vivien and I just had an issue.  We ran to the mall to buy stuff for Mark’s bday and she was great.  Listening to mom ( as I had prepped her), staying within my sight, helping me with the purchases.  But, when we got in the car I would let her climb up and over the presents-which would have mashed them, through the front seat to the back, while four cars were idling waiting for our car to move so we could get out of there.  Suddenly, Beowulf appeared.

I was stunned, where did this come from? After a few minutes it was over and we were driving home, but I think I need some lozenges for my throat.

Tantrums, Part 1

I was just speaking to my dad. He said his weekend was about air conditioning (it’s been hot and smokey in LA) and the funeral ( Ted Kennedy’s). I said, “Me too!” We hung on the phone with each other for about 30 minutes during the wake Friday night. We have divergent political views, but my dad and I love history and politics and it’s hard not to feel connected to the Kennedys. We were critiquing some of the speeches and who moved us the most. Orin Hatch,charming, Biden, throws his heart on the table, Sen. Culver, very funny (sidebar: during the funeral Saturday morning Ted Jr. won the weepy award. Touching!)

Some of the commentators have been saying that some of the Kennedy’s associates might ask themselves now, “What would Teddy do?”

When I was watching it all, I just wished I had been invited to sail with him. Looks so cool. (Growing up a middle class kid in Culver City we didn’t have a family sport. Wait, I take that back. Figuring out where to go to eat for dinner and having a fight over the one good seat in the family room while “Love Boat” was one, that was sport.) But knowing me, I probably would have yakked.

In my own life as a mother I sometimes say, “What would mommy do?” Thankfully I can ask her. So, this week a special two parter of Morency, my mom.

Mommy Meltdown

It’s a strange dichotomy that the thing you want the most, a child, can also be so frustrating or depressing at times. It’s not even the kid themselves it can be what goes into it. If you don’t make an income anymore in order to be a full time mom it work on your self esteem. Or you don’t fit in your skinny jeans. Or your husband doesn’t support you emotionally the way you need.

Anyway, the mommy meltdown is a known phenom. Take a minute, breathe, let them scream and watch this.