I’m popular where?


So, I was trolling my stats on my YouTube channel.  They are interesting, but usually a chuckle as they differ from the stats from my site.  Here I have largely female viewers.  The most popular videos are those dealing with parenting issues.  But, on YouTube over 60% of my viewers are men.  My number video, has been for two years, “Sliding nursing pads.”  Just the suggestion of titty gets them to click. Or maybe they are fans of “Dancing with the Stars.”

I also know that most of the people who come to this site, and my YouTube channel are living in the USA.  Makes sense. But, what I didn’t know is the country which gets the silver medal for viewing coolmom vids is…PAKISTAN.  Not by a little, almost the exact same amount as the USA.  What?   Here is the ranking.


United States
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom 10. Thailand

those last countries suffered something in the copy and paste journey.  Pakistan is only 700 views behind the States.  Countries 2, 4 thru 7 are Muslim countries.  Is Cool Mom illicit for some men? Who am I kidding!  If it was I’d have many more subscribers. Maybe  In more restrictive societies is it fun to see my stained shirt.  Hey, maybe it’s nothing perverse, maybe it’s what’s great about the internet that there are common threads to all our lives that we can relate to no matter who we are, what language we speak or what terrorist is hiding in our suburbs. Hmm, further study shows that of my “fans” in Pakistan 90.9% of them are male aged 25 to 54. Maybe it is the milk stain.

You know the only country out of these ten where more women watch my vids than men?  Thailand.  I think of myself as kind of Erma Bombeckish so it seems strange, or maybe it’s that You Tube has all these gamer guys and at some point they click around and listen to me tell jokes about being a room parent.  I was worried when I posted that vid, not because of my cleavage, but because I looked like I was holding Rex like he was a wet rag.

Maybe I should try to get a TV hosting job in Pakistan.