Look of the Zeros

We are not only closing a year but a DECADE. And what a decade it was. Personally, it’s when I hung up my single skates and totally embraced a new life. Children, step-children, wife, blogger.

In terms of our country in ’01 we experienced the worst terrorist attack in US history, which took over 3,000 lives. And our response to this was entering two wars, spending hundreds of billions of dollars while vital services and schools go begging, and the loss of about 4,500 (went to a few websites to get numbers, but not sure how current) US soldiers’ lives. Wow, we sure showed them.

The latter can make me so depressed and/or enraged that I’d like to survey a different, less critical part of our past decade: fashion. On my show “The Fashion Team” we will be talking about hits and misses, so I had to do a little red carpet review ( how airs Sunday 20th at 7pm on TV Guide).

I wanted to ask you: What were the looks of the zeros? Not red carpet looks, but “normal folk” looks. I know it’s a little early to have perspective, but let’s make a stab at it. The ’80s: big hair, shoulder pads, unconstructed blazers. The ’90s: Melrose Place style, short skirts, vest, not heavy on adornment, Jennifer Aniston hair. Zeros: Uggs, return of leggings, bubble skirts, layered t-shirts. That was new one for ’00s. The long sleeve shirt showing untucked beneath another shirt and the mainstreaming of the flip-flop. That became more acceptable to wear in fair weather. The water bottle as not only an accessory but a borderline life support for some. Imagine we use to just wing it with water!

So, brainstorm, what looks jump out for you as being characteristic of the zeros?


The irony here is that I critique fashion on my TV show and in Star magazine. What works when people play dress up and are thin or have stylist is not hard. But to achieve a nice look when you still have a spare tire from childbirth and are in Momcognito, now that’s harder.

Further irony, I’m shortly going to help the gal who won the Momversation makeover pick out her winnings at Target. Those who can’t do teach…

Halloween on the Fashion Team

Oh, look at the little doggy!  He cried if I put on the part that went on his head, but take my word for it it’s a doggy costume. Rex’s second appearance on the Fashion Team. The first was when he was 9 days old ’cause momma can’t miss a paycheck.

Vivien was suppose to have appeared as Sleeping Beauty, but that’s was when we were afraid she had the flu. Rex was very good and didn’t cry. The baby to the left of him is Easton, our Executive Producer’s baby. He is about 10 weeks older than Rex. When we brought out the real dog and their costumes Rex grabbed Easton and held on to him. It was so cute. But I was next to Rex; I’m not the world’s worst mother. And he did get to keep the outfit.

If you can set your DVR for The Fashion Team this week (it repeats a bunch of times.) If you miss it, in a week or so it ends up on hulu.com.

Wednesday I’ll show you what I wore. Kind of funny.

Ugly Betty

The Fashion Team has been having lots of themes lately. Michael Jackson style: I wore a Thriller-like jacket. The Emmy round up show: all good red carpet dish. And this weekend it’s Ugly Betty. The TV Guide Network will be running the encore shows when the new season starts in a couple of weeks.

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows and a bout a year and a half ago we had Vanessa Williams on as a guest. I loved her! So, for this show, I channeled my inner Wilhelmina (her sharp-tongued diva), and my extremely good-natured co-host Lawrence Zarian was dressed as her Boy Friday Mark. I really enjoyed this. It was the most acting I’ve done in years (not personifying, which is what hosting is).

My outfit is not my usual garb, but quite fun. Why do i not embrace the belt? It really helped with my posture, and the whole ensemble made me power hungry and wanting to hire and fire and make people fetch.

Anya Sarre, fashion reporter for ET and The Insider was a guest. Nice girl.

When the show was over, I got in my A-line tent dress and went home.

Emmy Party ’09

The only thing better than being on a guest list of a swank Hollywood party is to be someone’s “plus one.” I was lucky enough to be my friend Chris’s plus one to the HBO party. In an age of austerity, this soiree bucked the trend. Honestly, it was refreshing to see something excessive and fun. Moreover, I kept thinking of all the jobs it created. There were at least 4 long buffet tables, three elevated stages, and endless open bars. Some were sponsored by Moet and only poured champagne, which was fine with me.

Many stars were seen, Kevin Bacon (fellow Madoff victim), his wife Kyra Sedgwick looking thin and pretty in pink. Loved Chole Sevingy’s polka dot dress. In the beginning, it was mostly chubby regular folk dressed up who are the workers of the channel, and then later after the show ended, there was an infusion of tiny, thin people. They were the stars.

The day had gotten away from me, and I didn’t get to a salon in time to do my hair. So I thought, my Top Chef Master could do it. There, in the kitchen while he cooked up some mashed potatoes and pork chops, Mark used my flat iron for the first time in his life. And it did help.

I liked my dress but was very excited to wear BORROWED JEWELS. A first for me. On “The Fashion Team,” we were doing a story on a platinum (no, no gold here) jewelery suite. This is a place where stars and stylist for stars can borrow SERIOUS jewels. I sort of couldn’t believe they asked me, a confirmed G-lister, if I wanted to borrow something. I got a Sasha Primak diamond earrings, and a Michael Beaudry diamond bracelet. These were picked out for me by a stylist, Michael O’Connor. He’s a sweet guy who I did a segment with a while back. I held up a roundish pair of earrings at one point, and he said, “No, not with your jaw.” Note, my jaw needs to be slimmed.

When I showed them to my mother she said, “Oh, yeah, the real stuff does sparkle more.” I think they trumped my less-than-stellar ‘do. They are classic and beautiful. I had to return them post haste, but will wear them one more time for my show–when I will look a little cuter– and get a better picture then.

I used to think jewels that cost that much… oh, did I mention they cost… $70,000? Yep. I used to think that was crazy to spend something like that on jewels, but after the Madoff thing I don’t think so anymore. If one has money it might be better to have something tangible if the s– hits the fan. Better than a worthless financial statement and much prettier. I walked a bit taller at the party with them, but also checked them every 4 seconds. Didn’t want them to go the way of so many pairs of sunglasses… or boyfriends. Now where did I put that?

The place was massive; they had taken over the parking lot of the Pacific Design Center. It was all done up in deep reds and black. I’m sure it cost several hundred thousand dollars. And fun to see Jessica Lange sit down at a table a foot from me with her recently acquired Emmy in hand. (Sidebar, think she’s had a tad too much done to the face. But can’t blame a girl for trying!) But my breast were going to explode, and my feet were hurting.

As we waited for our car at valet who glides out but my old pool party buddy Jon Hamm. I could have said, “Hi, remember me? The thick-waisted mom?” but I didn’t have a chance. You see, he didn’t have to wait for a car on a folding chair like I did. His appeared, and he left.

Was praying Rex would go easy on me, and he did. He woke up at 2 and went right back to sleep. Phew. Then he was rarin’ to go at 6am. Not ideal, but I have had worse nights. And after an A-list party I really wasn’t up for some protracted sleep training night.

Oh, by the way, did anyone watch the show? I didn’t, I was eating the free food!

Mom’s Eroding Self-Esteem

Sometimes I interview celebrity moms when they are guests on my TV show “The Fashion Team” on the TV Guide Channel (which, by the way, one needs a divining rod, crystals and  jumper cables to figure out when it comes on as it airs now ever other week… usually… on Sunday and Monday nights… mostly). I love the gals I interview, or I wouldn’t ask them to do a bit for Cool Mom. If someone wasn’t fun, I would just skip it. I often ask them about beauty on the go. Or how can us moms not look and feel like crap. Now, I know if I haven’t gotten enough sleep, which I haven’t for almost every day for nearly 7 months now, no amount of spit and polish will make me feel like I look good.

And when I haven’t slept, I usually want to snack on carbs, which makes me feel fat, and I probably don’t have time to exercise, which can make me feel a tad better about Team Daphne.

But, sometimes, I do think, “Hey, I look pretty good.” My husband tells me I look nice when I’m naked. (He did recently have eye surgery so let’s take that with a grain of salt.) And then of course there is the unconditional love given to me by my adorable little kids. Kids love doesn’t see whether their mom is Heidi Klum or Doris behind the wheel of a Honda Odyssey whose pants are about to split. They just see their moms in a shining light. Right?

I Saw a Movie!

We went to the premiere of Julie and Julia. I NEVER GO TO THE MOVIES. So I was pretty excited. The last time I was in a movie theater it was to see Paul Blart: Mall cop. I was with my stepson, but honestly I liked more than he did. Which tells you about how giddy I get when I go to a movie.

Now, I already shared the promo Mark did for the film. So, we were treated well. It was the premiere in Westwood (the big, old movie houses). When we picked up the tickets, they asked Mark if he wanted to walk the red carpet.  He said yes. When we got on the red carpet Alice Waters was there. Mark worked for her years ago; she is a very warm person. I steered them both toward a reporter I know at E! channel. My co-host Lawrence Zarian was working for Entertainment Tonight. They weren’t chatting with the chefs. But he was excited he had interviewed Meryl Streep (who didn’t stop to talk to TV Guide). I was suppose to take the mic from the TV Guide reporter to do a line that we would use on “The Fashion Team,” but when I approached her she said they were waiting to get Amy Adams, who was about 4 tv outlets away from them. I know how tense it is to be waiting to get the big ones to stop and talk to you, so I hung back till she had chatted with them. onestly, i don’t think I loved what she was wearing. Thick material, off white… she should wear color.

Which is what Vivien has been telling me lately. She crosses her arms and says “Mommy, you aren’t pretty enough.  You need color.” So Mark helped find a red dress to wear to the party (sidebar: we went to a store that had a sale, and in my new mode I’m not bashful about looking for a deal.). The gal was bringing $300 dollar dresses over to me and I would say, “Is this on sale?” No.

“Well, I’ve never heard of this designer; it’s not well made, and it’s $300. I need something from the 75% off rack.” Which we found.

I forgot to take a picture!  But here is the dress. Vivien had me wear a double strand of black beads my mother-in-law gifted me and gold shoes. She is probably going to replace me on my show.

But how was the movie? It was GREAT. There was free water and popcorn, which would normally cost about $14. Ha, I make myself laugh… no it was a good movie. Funny and charming and well written. It was a perfect film for us. eCombining blogging and food. Highly recommended. But be forewarned, before you go, make a roast chicken that you can eat after, or go to the nearest French bistro you can find ASAP. I was ready to rub garlic on my shoe and dig in. We ate afterward, and it was a great night out… of course my breasts were going to explode by the time I came home.

And not that it goes with the story, but I love this picture of my kids.  Sigh.

Holly Robinson Peete: A Cool Mom Visit

Well, here is my new favorite. Holly was recently a guest on my TV Guide Network show, “The Fashion Team”. She, of course, used to be on “21 Jump street” and “Hanging with Mr. Cooper.” She and her husband created a charity to help people pay for therapy and such for people with Parkinson’s. She lost her father to the disease. He was the original Gordon on Sesame Street. She also has a son with autism. She speaks openly about this to help kids get diagnosed early and get the proper help. She said her son has benefited from from the therapy and care that they were able to provide, but many families can not afford it. So, even though she has 4 kids, she works on that as well. She was also candid about how families with autistic children have an 80% rate of divorce  (fortunately hers is going fine) and that awareness is especially important in the black community where it’s more taboo to talk about kids with LDs (learning disabilities).

In between dishing on the red carpet for the show, we had some good mommy chats. She is such a nice person. We talked everything from how to walk a red carpet (she says, she yells at her husband, “Don’t talk!  They will get your mouth in a weird position, and if we ever break up ,they will use it as picture to make it look like we were arguing.” So true.) to Madoff. Since she runs a charity she was so upset by the foundations that have been vanquished by the dirtbags.

So, I had my video camera on me… but it wasn’t working well. I managed to get part of a quick chat with her about finding some “me” time before they puled the lights and broke down the set.