Got Shower?

Lately, by the time Vivien is launched out the door, I’ve become as cranky as she was getting ready for school. This morning we had three kids to launch. My older stepson Ben is staying with us for a little a while so Mark needed to drop him off after he walked in Vivien. While Rex is somehow fed amongst the combing of hair, negotiating clothes, up-ended juice… the usual. It was after such a morning I did this vid.

This could be titled, “is this as good as it gets?”  Note, my sophisticated humor.

One thing that usually does make me feel better is the long walk I take with Rex after Viv goes to school. I just wish there were some hills around here, ’cause my butt is concave.

Note: the cologne I have in this vid is a small bottle of Jo Malone Lime basil and mandarin.  I am mildly obsessed with this sent.  But, that’s for a longer blog.