Golden Globes

One of the hazards with being an occasional basic cable host is that when you are NOT hired to cover an event you sit at home and “cover” the event in your head. How I would ask different questions, how it would feel. That’s the inspiration for this vid.

Also, people say, “Covering the red carpet must be fun.” It can be, but it can also be brutally hard and humbling. I will never forget covering the premiere of “Titanic” in the late ’90s and yelling, “Tom, Tom Arnold” as he blew past me.

Sylvester Stallone blew me off; I’ve been blown off my Demi Moore. You know, big names, too many to count. But I don’t know if it gets any lower than being blown off my Tom Arnold.

Oh, wait, a few months ago I was blown off by Janice Dickerson, a new low.