My little man is 5!

funny pictures of kid

I love that he has a great sense of humor

Valentine’s day means a day of cooking and baking.  I’m getting ready for Rex’s birthday party (on his birthday) on the 15th.  He was a planned c- section and I didn’t want his birthday crowded out by a sea of red hearts, which is one reason I picked the 15th. Though I said to him today, you could have been born till the 21st, so if you ever want to move your birthday around, it’s fine.

helping me out

helping me out

To honor my son and frequent co star I thought I would feature some of the “Best of Rex” on Coolmom.  His career here piqued before he went to preschool 5 days a week.  Come Fall he will be a kinder  ( wipe me off the floor).

So, here is Rex on his First birthday and I discuss the differences between having your first and your second kid.

This one came out of Rex’s frequent trips into my wallet.  I lost things, things were in the wrong place.  But, I thought, hey why think of this as a negative?  Maybe he is really helpful.  He is providing a service.

Enjoy Your day after Valentine’s day.  Or as I think of it, Rex’s birthday.

proud of the pillow he made at school

Vivien is 5!

I wish I could embed the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  I always loved it and then one day realized it was about my daughter.  “do you remember/21st night of September” A song of celebration for the day my sweet girl was born. Except she was born in the morning, but close enough.
vivien at 8 months
My beautiful, smart, loving, no nonsense daughter who changed my life forever.  I am so, so lucky and blessed and honored to have my daughter.

The moment they pulled her out of me ( c-section due to frank breech) I heard her screaming and I saw her wriggling body as I lay flat on my back.  My first thought?  Terrified.  I was afraid of her.

2nd thought:  She is not me, she is not Mark, she is her own, strong person seperate from us.  Uh, oh, this wasn’t going to be like my little baby dolls. But, Vivien and I have worked it out and will continue to work it out for the rest of our lives.100_4042.JPG

Now, she has just started Kindergarten as the youngest in her class and soccer, and a loving big sister.  She is strong and her own person and also my baby doll.

I love you Vivien.  I can’t thank you enough for coming to be with us. Happy Birthday!vivien at 5