How to get your kid to stop watching TV


I’m not the best mom. Yes, sometimes in order to get stuff down or end a tantrum I park my child in front of a TV.  But, at some point I think enough with this 2 d world. Whether it is what I want to do or not I have to get this kid away from the boob tube.  This was one of those days.  I’ve been getting this revamped site loaded and needed the free baby sitter, aka TV, to mind him while I did so.

Now, it was time to venture onward.  Surely he would be happy with the exciting choices I lay before him.  Park, library, play space, back yard?  Hello?

I didn’t know I was about to be ambushed like a foreign journalist reporting in Libya.


TV is good

This falls under the heading of “times I know I’m not a great mother”.  Well, yes, that can be a big basket full of errors.  A veritable overflowing canvas bin of broken toys that you are not allowed to throw out.

But, dang, how did pioneer moms get through their duties before TV?  Oh, right, they use to beat them. Actually, probably because the kids had chores themselves.  Okay, but back to our spoiled, jaded 21st century life…