C-Section Lingerie

Where were these when I needed them? Cool, hip, pretty panties for that wretched, post-C-section time of your life. (Props to commenter Jennifer from the Older Moms vlog, who’s behind this smart design.)

Czela bellies  C-section panties

After my C-section, I didn’t know what to expect. Some rebound more easily from this event. Not me. I was in pain, uncomfortable, hobbled around – I’m not a quick healer. In the hospital they gave me white mesh panties to wear. They were large, but comfortable. I had two pairs and I washed them over and over again. They became like my Linus blanket. They wouldn’t hurt my stitches and made me feel protected.  I also had a big pregnant butt, so cute little panties wouldn’t have fit anyway.

If you are going under the knife for birth, I would suggest checking out these cute panties. Now if they could just do something about that awful IV…

Shimmey, Shimmey Undie Pants

Moms, been too long since you’ve bought the basics for yourself? Well, that’s the pickle I found myself in the other night. I was meeting girlfriends for dinner sans kids about a mile from my house. Wanting to drink and burn some calories before I stuffed my self I decided to walk. I threw off the cargo shorts and t-shirts I had been wearing all day, hey it’s not always a track suit, and started walking. About a mile from my house I realized there was a problem. I had my worn out, white cotton granny panties on and they were falling off.

Daphne in panties

This first happened when I started to lose my baby weight. A great sign that I was dropping pounds. Well, no L-B’s have been shed lately so I knew I had worn out undies. If I turned back I would be late, so I treked on. But I had to either hold the sides of panties up or every few feet pull them up, a problem since I was walking on a busy street, or sort of waddle. Needless to say, my progress was slow. Several times I felt the panties starting to get dangerously close to the hemline of my A-line dress. Once when this happened I came along a crew of Hispanic men who were redoing a sidewalk. I smiled and said, “Good evening” hoping they wouldn’t think less of me when I hitched up my giddy up. Not the most dignified moment, but better than dropping trow in front of them. Had I come across an old fashion phone booth I would have pulled a superman and pulled the underwear off, but no such luck.

Because of my waddle, I was quite late to my dinner. Along my walk I thought about this issue and realized it had been more than a year since I had bought a pair of underpants or a bra. Why do I neglect these? I have bought make up, I think even a car, and certainly shoes, oh, we just bought a house, but not a few cotton panties which I could have gotten, um, let’s see, anywhere. Am I the only one who neglects the fineries?