Ugly Betty

The Fashion Team has been having lots of themes lately. Michael Jackson style: I wore a Thriller-like jacket. The Emmy round up show: all good red carpet dish. And this weekend it’s Ugly Betty. The TV Guide Network will be running the encore shows when the new season starts in a couple of weeks.

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows and a bout a year and a half ago we had Vanessa Williams on as a guest. I loved her! So, for this show, I channeled my inner Wilhelmina (her sharp-tongued diva), and my extremely good-natured co-host Lawrence Zarian was dressed as her Boy Friday Mark. I really enjoyed this. It was the most acting I’ve done in years (not personifying, which is what hosting is).

My outfit is not my usual garb, but quite fun. Why do i not embrace the belt? It really helped with my posture, and the whole ensemble made me power hungry and wanting to hire and fire and make people fetch.

Anya Sarre, fashion reporter for ET and The Insider was a guest. Nice girl.

When the show was over, I got in my A-line tent dress and went home.

Beauty Regimen Keepers

On the Fashion Team, when I get my mitts on celebrity moms, I always ask them which beauty bits they dropped and which ones they still make time for. I remember Vanessa Williams (who I love and who was a total class act) said she only gets her nails done before big events, like the Emmy’s. “Once you have kids, doesn’t it seem silly to take an hour to get that done?” she said.

This video is my take on which parts of my beauty regimen I dropped when I became a mom.