Farewell jewelry

Omg, about to tape and realized I forgot to post this vid! Probably because at work I get to wear earrings without fear of them being ripped from my ear, necklaces without fear of being strangled and braclets that won’t be mistaken for toys.  I also can wear big chunky cocktail rings that won’t scratch Rex.
One day they will return…like my abs.
NOTE: yes, Rex is very young here.  Somehow this vid got lost.  I’ve just started sleeping pretty well, so you know, stuff gets scattered.  Like my brain.

No Deadly Weapons Sold Here

When I had the idea to do funny videoes online for parents I thought I might make a little money from it. But I really wanted to do it as a creative platform to help people feel connected, which is what I think humor ultimately can do.  Ironically, as this experiment called CoolMom.com has gone on I have found that:

  1. It’s harder to make money online than I realized and glad I was naive or I would have never done it (you know, like motherhood).
  2. Unlike when I started CoolMom, now I do need some money.

You all know what happened to us so I won’t belabor that.  But, to that end I have made attempts to get some sponsorship for this site.  The ads on here so far have all been of the click through variety that don’t bring in much  (but, by all means click through).

But in the next few weeks you’ll start seeing videos that have some product “integration.”  We do that on my TV show and never say we are doing integration.  But, in this format it’s different.  It feels more intimate.  So I want you to know that the advertisers I have spoken with about doing a vid are all products I’ve tried myself and am okay with.  I’m not going to be advertising bullets. Also I will say clearly when something is an ad integration.  I want to keep my same voice.

I was at a mixer the other night and met so many great, smart gals who know a lot more about this space than I do and they all thought I was missing an opportunity as CoolMom.com has grown over the last 2 years.

Okay, are we okay?  Thanks for coming to CoolMom.com I really appreciate it.

Create Your Day

I encourage all of you to “CREATE YOUR DAY” by going to WWW.QUAKEROATS.COM/CREATEYOURDAY and discovering an oatmeal creation that will best help you tackle the day that lies ahead for youth.  For every bowl of oatmeal created on this site, GoodBite.com & Quaker will donate $1.00 to “Share Our Strength”, a charity dedicated to ending childhood hunger, up to $25,000.  This goal is no small feat, but with your help we can do it.  $25,000 will go a long way to helping Share Our Strength continue their important work.

The Best Eggs

Wifeager. That’s a wife+ manager. I think that’s what I’ve become for Mark. In LA, there are a lot of Momagers, you know, for the child stars and the parents who can’t let go.  So, since I told you all about his stint on Top Chef: Masters I can’t stop there! Here is a link to another show my husband recently did. Not really a show, but  a web trailer for the new Julia Child movie. They approached him since he did know Julia Child. They asked him what he could make that would be simple and would fit with Julia Child. It’s a plug for Campanile and as we say in the biz, he can “put it on his reel”. ( sounds of me going through piles as I realize I need to make him one.)

So, he came up with Eggs for Daphne (ahhhh). He does make the best eggs in the world. He makes olive oil eggs, eggs in a whole, this eggs tortilla thing. But he named this one for me. Since Mark works at night, breakfast is our “date” time. Well, with two kids, it may not be a date anymore, but it is the one meal we can usually spend together and the one he makes the most at our home.

So, enjoy the short film (4 min I think), and tell me if you are able to make them and love them like I do.

(In the background is his Chef de Cusine Erica. A very important job. If he didn’t have someone good like Erica working with him he’d really be AWOL from home.)