LA girl Now

Frequent Cool Mom Player Carole Brogdon, my sister, has a blog of her own called lagirlnow. Now most of the content and information on this site will be of greatest interest to those in the Greater LA Metro area I think anyone can appreciate her writing.  I’ve long told her that she has a distinct voice in her writing.  Witty, lively.  Her letters cracked me up long before the web came along. She is an active stay at home mom who somehow manages to keep up on cultural happening in our city.  I don’t know how she does that so I do pop over to her site for the lowdown on what’s going on.   Here is a one recent post she did.  Yes, she did mention one my favorite eateries as well ( well, I co own it), but Brogdon girls promote each other. That’s how we (blog) roll.


Art ~ Vivian Maier at Merry Karnovsky Gallery

Don’t miss this exhibition entitled, Vivian Maier A Life Discovered, the opening night reception is this Saturday at the Merry Karnovsky Gallery. If you haven’t read about this hertofore unknown nanny who spent her life taking vivid black and white images on the streets of Chicago, it is quite a story. During her lifetime Vivian Maier was not recognized as the astute chronicler of people that she was. Her vast cache of negatives were found after her death and they are compelling pictures that should be seen. Post picture viewing just scoot up La Brea to The Tar Pit Restaurant for a perfect cocktail and dinner.