Happy Easter

No offense to the seriously religious here, but my favorite part of Easter is a new dress. For me, when I was little, and now for my daughter. I well remember that excitement of my new spring dress. Of course back in the day, white gloves and bonnet also went with it.

I was feeling not super pretty myself as somehow during my vacation my skinny jeans shrunk. Don’t know how that happened. (quizzical face)

Vivien got right into the spirit of the day, even though it was the coldest Easter in LA I could remember. We were at my sister’s house for the egg hunt. I also decked Rex out in his Easter finest, but unlike Vivien he didn’t seem to be that into it.

Honey, mommy wants a picture, sit still, um, oh, oh forget it.

Paper Dolls

When organizing his drawers I saw this velvet pantsuit Rex had.

He had worn the pants, but why had he not sported the blazer with patches on the elbows!  It gives me a lift to dress him up in these sophisticated duds.  And note Vivien’s dress.  I bought at Saks when I was in NY.  It was on sale.  Once a year my mom use to take us to Saks (the one in LA). Hey, I’m a traditionalist.

Yes, my son does look like one of the Van Patten’s, but maybe he will be a tennis player.