Behind the Scenes

A lot of people (4) ask me how I shoot my videos. It happens two ways. Either I put my little video on a tripod like I did in this vid and wing it solo or about every 5 or 6 weeks a cameraman and a producer, my friend Rob Morhaim, come to my house and we shoot about 12 vids that then I scroll out of a few weeks. Those ones look better; there are nice lights and a bigger camera. I am more physically limited in what I can do with the homemades. Sometimes the content is fine, but I do like to try to make things look a little different when I have my crew. We just did a shoot day, and we had lunch catered. Which means my husband brought us soup and sandwiches from his lunch place in Culver City, their Point. The onion soup is ambrosia!

I am wardrobe and makeup gal. And in this video I should be fired.