Treasure Kai: The Book App

I’m still dirt deep in my landscape project at Vivien’s school. We are a designated Big Sunday school… the get out and volunteer day. As the head of the committee — um, there are two of us — I have been hoeing it up in such a different way from the late ’90’s. On prep day I was so engrossed in where the boulders and Mexican Sage should be placed, I lost the keys to Mark’s catering van (sorry honey!) Felt like such a bimbo.

So, this vid is from a calmer time. In between volunteering for tasks that are really too much for me. I’m very proud of how well Vivien is reading, but she sees her older brother playing games on his iPad and is gravitating toward this, so a friend in Australia pointed me to this app as a way to bridge this.

Momversation: When Volunteering is Involuntary

I don’t know why, my sound came out so much worse than Dana or Jessica’s.   In a nutshell, this is about Jessica being irked by the forced community service her daughter’s school has that creates more work for her.  It’s funny that the three here all have chosen different educational paths.  My daughter goes to public school, Jessica’s go to private school and Dana home schools.

What do you think?  Have you encountered this issue at your school? I think there is a list of this and that a school asks you to do and sometimes I’m all for it and other times I sit it out. Like the Cultural day planned smack dab in the middle of the holidays on a day I already have plans, I’m not jumping in on that one.  But, hey look at my landscaping!

And I need to add my extra mic.