House Porn

A friend recently sent me the architectual designs for a condo they are remodeling.  I shut my office door, put on some jazz on Spotify and let myself go.  The more stressed or anxious I feel the more I need the release of house porn.  Aspirational photos, design ideas, fabric samples, oh yeah baby.  I may never use you, but,oh, yeah, give it to me.

I can go on a tear sometime.  Lately I was fascinated with the idea of a copper sink.  I love apron sinks, but a copper apron sinks, now that’s living.  So pretty, and rich, yet earthy.  Needs some good lighting… Or I get fixated on wallpaper or rugs.  Right now I’m keen on a Greek key pattern.  I’d love one for my office.  Rex has a new blank wall since we moved his bed and now I’m looking at colorful wall decor. Rocket ship? More clouds?

We have a really beat couch.  It had been used and rode hard by our family and when my stepson’s Ben’s cats arrived the poor thing became a scratching post.  It’s now dead couch walking.  Ben and the cats are moving soon so I day dream about what couch I will get.  I’m thinking sort of streamline, yet comfortable enough for a Sunday NY Times lay about in the warmth of the sun coming in from the window. Something that does’t smell like cat for starters.

I get myself worked up wanting to buy just one special, pretty thing for my house.  Then something like this appears

Yes, the dishwasher died.  I think this gaping hole might be the first thing I need to tackle.

There goes that sink/rug/coach fund.