Slim Fast / Sephora winner is…

I tried the new Slim Fast grab and go bottle.  Taste’s fine to me.  Like the old one in the can, but no faint metallic taste.  I’m not a nutritionist so I can’t speak to all that, but I would rather chug a couple of those than eat the wrong food.

Now, keeping to one of my resolutions is weight loss ( I know so hack!).  I’ve been doing a MINIMUM of walking 30 min a day.  I’m going to try and not look back ( HARD).

I loved reading your resolutions and got some great ideas from them.

The winners were chosen at random so even if your resolution was inspiring, you might not have won.

Drum roll please…

The winners are: Beatrice and …. someone who hasn’t written me back yet!  I will give her till the end of the day and then go to the alternate pick.

Hey, Winners, comment here and let us know what you are going to buy with your gift card.

Thanks for playing.

How Dare She?!

Since I have my hands full with a new baby and going back to work, my big sister Carole is going to pitch in with some blogs. She is a witty, wonderful woman who recently drove me home from work. Who knew what she was thinking? Well now we do.

As I was driving Daphne home from work yesterday (doctor’s orders after the C-section), she excitedly pulled up her shirt and showed me her semi-flat belly, at the same time casually mentioning that she had hopped on the scale that morning and had already lost 16 pounds. (I waited about 3 months to attempt this after my son was born, and it took me another 3 months to recover from the number blinking back at me.)

Well, sibling rivalry does not begin to cover the envy and jealousy (and did I mention envy?) that I had after she told me this! I jokingly asked her to get out of my car and then reconsidered when I realized we were on a busy section of Hollywood Blvd.  I have to hand it to Daphne; she only gained 32 pounds with Rex, and I gained over 50 when my son Charlie was born. (He is 11 now.) I was on a non-stop quest for prime rib and hot fudge sundaes when I was pregnant. So what took me a couple of years to achieve, she did in a week and half. Is it just me, or are you thinking it too… how dare she?