scandal pants

In a surprise to no one Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he did send twitters to ladies-not his wife– of his bulging sack.  What a shame.  His poor wife and bummer for liberals like myself who use to enjoy his aggressive stance against Republican policies.  An articulate guy I thought a few times, “that guy has balls.”  So much so he wanted to share pictures of them.
Having spent years dating prior to marriage I can recall guys I was flirting with or dating saying things on the phone along the lines of “you are making me so hard.”  Even when I liked the guy I always did an eye roll because that never got me hot, it’s gets them hot. “Feel how much you are making me crazy” as they put your hands on their pants, sure nice if I am super into them, but if not GROSS.  I feel like I humored a lot of those kind of lines so just not to embarass them.  While would have really made me hot was

1) that they thought I was beautiful, funny and intelligent
2) being a funny, intelligent, accomplished smarty pants
3) they would buy me a house.
So, Congressman who might be mayor of NYC more attractive than goofball who takes pictures of himself on the couch with cats and calls them “pussys”.

Does it rise to the level of crime? No, just lame.

How sad that this successful men still don’t get that EVERYONE is watching and yes, tweets and love children all get found out these days.

To paraphrase a famous quote, “I gave my enemy a sword…in my pants.”