Message to expectant moms

Now, I assume that most people who come here are already parents.  But, once in a while I hear from some who have not crossed over that threshold.  This vid is for you!   I find when I have a co-worker or friend who is about to have a baby I spill forth a five minute warning/to do list for any expectant mother.  I guess it’s my version of what I feel people withhold from would be moms.

So, here is a shorter version.  I didn’t mention everything…like the blood that comes out of you for weeks that no one tells you about.  I guess we all need surprises.

Please feel free to add your own warnings and advice.

funniest flipping thing…

I have seen in a long time. It takes about 90 seconds.  A must see, “what to expect when you are expected”.  The author use to write for The Daily Show.  A great sendup of “what to expect when you are expecting” which has an annoying and undeserved market share of pregnant readers. I haven’t read the book, but the trailer is a riot.  At least we know it’s a good premise.