Working from home ( crock of s–t)

I’m EXHAUSTED from the month long wake and I’ll tell you about the last night of Campanile, but now I need a laugh.   Ironically, the latest episode from my collaboration with Cafe Mom Studios is about working from home.  For the time being at least this is something my husband will also be participating in!

Please watch, enjoy, and share.  I think this one is pretty darn good.


Daphne Brogdon’s office

How do work at home mother’s do it?  I am doing it part time and I still don’t think I’m doing it.  You don’t get the water cooler chat and there is little reason to groom yourself and you can also just get sick of being at home! Hard to stay focused on work tasks when also caring for kids.  I think everyone else is more organized or better at it than I.

Also, where is that assistant?  Hmm, maybe I’ll just create one.

I’m a Spokesperson

I’ve been asked to be the spokesperson for Upromise World MasterCard for Bank of America. It’s not something I’m doing on this site. I’m going to blog on their Facebook page and do some interviews where I talk about mom blogging and Upromise and Mastercard. I am NOT being paid to write what I am writing right now. I am being paid to do the media interviews and the Facebook blogging. Just so we are all FTC clear.

When I asked if I would do this.  I was like, Uh, duh, why not? It’s not like selling bullets. or those who haven’t heard of it, is a site where you sign up and become a member.  There are participating merchants, and if you buy something from them on that site, they kick a few percentages (anywhere from 1 to 25%) to a 529 for your child’s education. Or to paying down a student loan. So, now there is a credit card that gives you 1% of everything you charge to the 529. That’s the gist. So, since I am interested myself in rebuilding our savings, I thought it seemed like a great product to be talking about. And it’s fun to see who you can get money back from.

Just looping you all in on one of my jobs so if you see my twitters you’ll know what it is about. I did the first part of the media tour this morning, which means talking to people on the phone in my nightgown. I really enjoy that part. When I’ve been on a show that had some wind at its back, I have done interview after interview. It’s pretty fun. I especially like talking to radio hosts since that’s my old line of work; I get what they need… funny, concise, energy… and I have an appreciation for anyone who can still make a living in that medium that is so dominated by syndication. I talk a lot about Cool Mom and then let them know about the opportunities with Upromise Master Card and Upromise.

Home Office: Do Not Disturb

Another of the ongoing myths placed on modern humans is that it’s great to work at home. Yes, you use less gas, but it’s hard to tell your family to shut their pie holes when your office is in the middle of the kitchen. Kids and husbands are heat-seeking missiles. They sense a life force, and they come for you…

I find inspiration from a sitcom from my youth.