Beauty Regimen Keepers

On the Fashion Team, when I get my mitts on celebrity moms, I always ask them which beauty bits they dropped and which ones they still make time for. I remember Vanessa Williams (who I love and who was a total class act) said she only gets her nails done before big events, like the Emmy’s. “Once you have kids, doesn’t it seem silly to take an hour to get that done?” she said.

This video is my take on which parts of my beauty regimen I dropped when I became a mom.

11 thoughts on “Beauty Regimen Keepers

  1. I kept up the eyebrows and the full fledge face washing/scrubbing routine.
    But at the moment I’m rocking a pseudo fro and my husband’s t-shirt. I won’t be seen (hopefully), but I’m not gussying up like I would have if I wasn’t busy fixing another round of juice.

  2. I absolutely must have my shower every day. And I try to keep up my pedicure because pretty feet make me feel pulled together.

  3. Skincare, skincare, skincare! To be honest, I am pretty low maintenance — I can show, dry my hair, put on my makeup, and get dressed in 20 minutes when pressed. But since having a kid and turning 40 my skin went nuts. Acne literally developing in nascent wrinkles. What the hell?? So now I use a combination of Nutrogena and Avon products that seem to be keeping the major problems at bay. I’m not spending a wad of cash obviously (no fancy facials or procedures), but no matter how tired I am at the end of the day I take 5-10 minutes to cleanse, clarify, moisturize and occasionally “peel.” It’s made a HUGE difference in how I look and my confidence. Now I’m not sure if anyone else notices….

  4. Plucking the brows, and lipstick…although I have tamed the “Diva Red” to “Coffee Bean”, I still feel a bit more ‘put together’ if I sport a bit of color on my kisser!!

  5. Hey Y;all –

    I had my second daughter 6 weeks ago and any shower lasting more than 5 minutes is pure bliss! I have not blow dried my hair since I was 7 months pregnant – too hot here in the ATL – and as soon as my maternity leave is over and I make money again I am getting the most awesome hair cut – Swear to God, Daphne – I am going as short as yours! My hair is fine so I won’t have the same effects as you – LOL… I am just so tired of the new mommy endless ponytail – I look fifteen years old. My other daughter is 3.5 and I have not gotten a manicure since she has been born. I have NOTm however, given up my Clinique 3 step skin care and I LOVE Rimmell Lip gloss. It’s very inexpensive and I love it.

  6. yes, to hair color. I do NOT want to know if there is grey there. it’s been dyed since college and I plan on keeping that up.
    Karen, congrats on your baby. You are in the hardest period for personal grooming.
    As conflicted as I have been at times about my do, I have to say it is nice to have a style. I am finding the key is I have to pay a tad more and go to a better blow out-er. My hair is so think I then don’t touch it for 4-5 days. even with fine hair get one with lots of layers. good luck!

  7. Brows and mascara.

    Thanks to nursing, my itty bitties have been upgraded. So now when I tell people “Eyes up here!”, they have something decent to look at.

    Legs get shaved like once a month, though… I’ll worry about that when I lose the baby weight. Honestly, I hate them as they are anyway, why bother!

  8. I was ecstatic when after about 2.5 months, Sarah started napping regularly in the morning and I got to take a shower every day! I called it my birthday present from her! lol… Aside from that, still shave (do it in the shower) wash the face, and brush the teeth (does that count?) I’m pretty low maintenance. Mani/pedi, eyebrow wax (thank god for blonde hair), and any makeup but chapstick or hand cream… all out the window. As long as the nails are cut and filed, we’re all good.

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