Momversation: Mom Side or Sexual Side?

Not many blogs or vlogs have done this for me, but this one did. It got me to think, “I really should masturbate.” Not to be graphic, but in doing this momversation that was the take away I came up with.  Yes, the mom self is dominant over the sexual side, but one shouldn’t lose the weaker side completely.  And do we always need a date night in order to reconnect with that self?  Cause I don’t always have the time, this way I don’t need to apply make up.

I haven’t seen most of what the other gals have said, and I never see the edited version before it’s posted, so I will be watching it with fresh eyes just like all you.

So, what are YOU more connected with, your mom self or sexual self?  And does it matter to you?

5 thoughts on “Momversation: Mom Side or Sexual Side?

  1. I second that- you make me laugh out loud every time! Fortunately for me, I’m off to a short vacation this weekend without the kiddos- so here’s to some awesome hotel sex. You know what I’m talkin’ about 🙂

  2. I tend to me more sex than mom… and sometimes I feel really bad about it. Haha. Full circle though, right? I mean…. sex made me a mom…

    Great video!

  3. Here’s the thing. Love the idea of the whole hotel thing. but who says it has to be 2 days? Is your marriage not worth the money to get a babysitter and get OUT! To be honest you gotta think of it this way, good for your marriage good for ur kids. You know u should look at the 5 love languages, i have found that when my hubby does the dishes, cleans the kitchen, room or even takes over changing diapers the rest of the night and tending to the boys, it really let’s me RELAX, and to be honest, isn’t that the key. We connect sex with love and when we SEE that our hubs loves us—-bomchickawowow! lol

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