66 Year-Old Mom

This was a story from a couple of weeks ago that caught my eye.  Sorry to slag off on the old lady, but come on!

And by the way… this is the debut of my new abode!  It’s a nice house we are renting right now for our “regroup year”.

15 thoughts on “66 Year-Old Mom

  1. May I say, you are handling everything with such grace and regalness. What an example. You are not being a spoiled brat about a thing.

    Rex is delicious. WIsh I had a spoon so I could eat him up….

  2. I am 66…soon to be 67 and I hate to think that I will not be around in 5 to 6 years ….I would not want to have a baby at this age….but people are living longer ….I will be having my first great grand daughter in a few months and just want to live long enought to see her graduate high school…..so that would make me around 83….does not sound that old…well maybe to you it does..lol

  3. i hope i live along time to cause I’m an older mom. you can take my cracks with a grain of salt. snarky is my stock and trade.

    thanks well wishers!! My kids help me a lot… even if I am in need of sleep.

  4. You have got to be one of the most annoying people I have ever heard. The sound of your voice makes me want to choke myself. I wish you had a real job, old lady.

  5. First, I just want to say that sallymae’s post is just…pointless.

    I’m all for reproductive rights, and I know that more and more people are living to be 80, 90, 100+. But, I still believe that having a baby at 66 is irresponsible. I don’t know where the theoretical cut off would be, but I know it’s long before age 66. She and her child will be more than just the one generation apart. They live in different worlds. Think of the concerns of an 80 year old. Do you want your 20 year old to bear the burden of going through that with you? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem fair to the kid. I’m not trying to be extreme or anything (there are people who think I had my first too old, at 30!) but just trying to be practical and realistic. Babies are great, but it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world out there folks.

  6. Your right there has to be something wrong with her thought process on the basis of the child’s needs and the potential for her to be here for them and remember I’m 63 in July so I already know and feel what her capabilities are as I’m a pretty young 63 and no way could I take on that responsibility.

    Who knows what she’s thinking.

    Dorothy from grammology.

  7. I’m going to keep talking till Sally mae chokes herself. Please don’t come back then. you are not welcome. And sorry be-ach, I do have a job in TV.

    thanks to the rest of you for thoughtful comments. I think it would be pretty hard to run after a little one in a year, let alone in my late 60’s.

  8. I too find it rather selfish to have a child at 66… Not only are you NOT seen as the typical mom when Jr gets dropped off at Kindergarten but you are the mom who dies when child is far too young to have to endure. Rather sad for the child in so many ways..

  9. I think the 69 year old lady who just died is a different ‘old new mom’, from Italy… But still very sad. Although not unforeseeable.

  10. The one who died recently is from Spain. And had twin boys who are 2 now. And she sold her house to raise the $59k for fertility treatment and donor eggs and sperm. And now the boys have no one but the government. So unfair to them.

    In an interview she said she was planning to find a younger man to help her raise them, but I guess that never happened.

  11. wow, where do people get off? Sally mae geez get a life!

    Well on a lighter note: Daphne ur baby is adorable, ur not an old lady u are beautiful. and u make me laugh all the time. =) Sorry this message is late, i’m barely catching up.

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