Sex or Sleep?

Oh, seriously I do like sex.  I really do.  But, when I was single  I usually chose sleep instead as well.  Well, there were a few times where I sparked with some hottie, spent hours talking into the early morning hours before we finally made the beast with a naked back..or whatever that expression is.  I would be a bit fried the next as I boarded a plane or staggered into work, but no biggie because I knew at some point I could nap, order delivery and sit in my nightgown watching “Melrose Place”.  Ah, the 90’s… But there were plenty of times where I was like, ah, I gotta go back to my place and snooze.  Let’s pick this up another night. Once I became jaded enough to realize that fun, new sex feeling would still be there a day later or it might make me realize, Yuck, I so don’t want to wake up next to this creep.

But, as we know there is little chance of a nap so save your survey dollars. Most woman will agree with me. Especially if they are like me and being woken up every 2 hours by a newborn.

9 thoughts on “Sex or Sleep?

  1. I would definitely take a cat nap over a quickie any day. My hubby…he’d choose sex…but of course, right?! He says it makes him sleep better…so it’s a two for one deal on his end…and then I am the one up with the kids. ugh

  2. Oh Honey. The mask is so hawt.

    I can’t sleep nor am I having sex. Something definitely wrong with that picture.

    Now only if there was a way to combine the two activities …

  3. When we had the twins and hubby had to get up at night to help feed (one got boob the other bottle, rotated at next feeding) he too would have voted for SLEEP over SEX 🙂 In fact they were only 2 months old when he phoned the doctor about that old ‘snip snip’ procedure. He decided he could NEVER do it again.

    Geeze, obviously he was far more rested with the first born who I breast fed. Heh, I guess he finally realized where my sex drive went first time around post-partum! Exhaustion can seriously change a persons priorities..

  4. Oh honey, I’m right there with you! Sleep wins in my book hands down! I used to be the one initiating sex, but that is very rare now!
    By the way, love your stain on your shirt…no seriously, it gives you more credibility! I can not manage to go a whole day without getting a stain on me.
    Keep up the funny stuff! I look forward to it daily!

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