The DVD Is Missing

It’s the odd sock of our generation. You are looking for a little relief, and it’s in the form of a round, shiny object. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for a woman… a mom… needing a moment of peace, it’s a DVD.


16 thoughts on “The DVD Is Missing

  1. Hi Daphne,

    I have been following your blog and videos for quite a while. I love your sass! Anyway, I just thought I might be able to help you with your ‘Ratatouille’ problem. Maybe you have already tried this, but here you go: Try spraying a little rubbing alcohol on the DVD and wipe from the center outwards. Not in circles, this can do further damage. This will remove oils from finger prints. If that doesnt work, I have other remedies, but they are a little more tricky. 1 year at a video store put a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Hope this helps!


  2. I hear ya, sister. My 5yo leaves them strewn around the house like dead flies on a summer day. It drives. me. nuts! We’ve taken to renting dvds from the library instead of buying them (and you can order them online from home and it’s FREE!), and he is allowed one at a time. If he doesn’t return it to me, there’s no “next one”. Mean mommy, huh? But it works like a charm.

  3. Hi Daphne,

    To orginize my sons 40 plus collection of kids DVDs I put them all in a CD case. I threw all the cases away. Now when Logan wants a movie he flips threw the cd storage case with clear covers tells me witch one he wants, then I am the only one who can take it out and but it in so we dont smuge up the DVDs

    Good Luck hope this helps


  4. We bought a DivX player. It’s the same price as a dvd player and it plays data disk you burn from your computer onto DVD CD’s and it plays off of thumb drives. soo.. when we get a DVD we put it on the computer and then I fill a thumb drive with like 8 movies put it in and push play.. or go to the movie she wants and start it. It has been a life saver.. I love the DivX!!!

  5. daphne….if you have a mac use front row. burn all your dvd’s to the computer, then use your tv as the computer monitor and voila! you have all your movies at the drop of a hat. you use a remote and just scroll through the options and play whatever one you want. or use apple TV. no more scratched, skipping, missing dvd’s.

  6. sorry…a few more details about front row/apple tv…

    there is no limit to how many movies you can have listed (only limited by the space on your computer). use a program called “handbrake” to burn your movies onto the computer.

    hope this helps. i can’t tell you how amazing it is to have this set up. it’s like being in a hotel room and sitting in your bed choosing what movie you want, but you own them all!

  7. Oh MY gosh! I JUST did this last night! We were rushing out the door and I wanted to grab some DVDs for my daughter to watch at my mother’s house. I was sweating, we were late, and I had already ran back into the house 500 times to grab things I forgot. Every single DVD case I opened was EMPTY. AHHH. How ANNOYING?!?!
    LOVE you and love your website. Glad I found you through Momversation (through Dooce) and I’m so glad I found Rebecca Woolf @ Girls Gone Child. Just LOVE you ladies!

  8. I made copies of my kids’ favorites a while back. More recently, I’ve done like courtney suggests and ripped them. I use an external USB drive for this and it also lets me load them on the kids’ iPods (obviously older kids).

  9. I knew I wasn’t the only one with two stacks of DVD’s: the ones we can find and the ones we can’t.

    Somewhere in my house there is a collection of DVD’s, baby socks, toddler socks, probably a sippy cup or two, and my sanity. Sadly, all are hidden. Maybe we’ll find them when my son goes to college? You know who I blame? Trolls. Evil, devious trolls who stole my pre-baby figure and lots of other useful things.

    (BTW: Daphne, you’re moving up on my hubby’s radar… now you’re “nursing pads” and “DVD’s”. I’d add it to your resume. HA!)

  10. Okay, several solutions we’ve tried:

    1) Purchased a 400-dvd changer. Never take them out, you never lose them. Of course, that binds you to one TV in the house.

    2) Copied the DVDs and never use the original. Once the copied DVD is lost, then just make another copy.

    3) My computer geek husband made a TiVo-esque system that he’s loaded several of our DVDs onto. No matter the room, I’ve got kids DVDs at my fingertips. This is the current solution that works the best.

  11. wow, love all these tech asavvy and handy mommys!! you had me at rubbing alcohol, but this Divx thing warrants further exploration. gotta get out of the ’90!

  12. Quite awhile ago my husband talked me into a 200-dvd player. At first I thought it was a waste of money and space, but now I totally love it. All of our dvds stay in the player. There is a menu so you can scan through the dvds – or you can search by alpha. I love it and, it didn’t cost that much more. All of our cases are in a plastic tub down in the basement and I don’t have to worry about storing them or displaying them.

  13. I also keep all my daughter’s movies in a cute cd case. She just flips through and tells me which one she wants. I heard to help if they skip you can rub a litte toothpaste (the paste kind only) on the scratch, wipe it off, and it should work fine. though you’ll probably want to test it on a movie that isn’t a total favorite. It does work on cds though.

  14. Thought i’d throw in my vote for the kid friendly CD case that holds all the discs without the cases — an added bonus is that when we go on car trips, it’s the one thing we need to grab, and no matter what “mood” my dd’s in, she can find something she feels like watching.

    Many thanks for the rubbing alcohol and toothpaste suggestions — we have big freezing problems with the Barbie movies, in particular, and I”m so excited to think I may have a workaround.

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