17 thoughts on “When Do You Throw Out the Toys?

  1. I think in general, kids won’t ever miss things like that. But if your’e really concerned, just put them in a box in a closet for a few months and then throw them out.

  2. Toy rotation is the magic answer. Box up anything you haven’t seen her play with in awhile and put it in storage… If she asks for something in particular, you have it available… otherwise, wait till she’s bored with the stuff she’s currently playing with, box that up, and bring out the old stuff. I also use this time to purge… and no throwing away in this house. We have a local recycling depot/thrift store that is happy to take all the bits and pieces that I HATE.

  3. I agree with the toy rotation! I do that all the time for my daughter, when I bring the old stuff back out she acts like she’s never seen any of it before and plays with it all the time! Ditto on the recycling- Goodwill or Salvation Army is great!

  4. This is not related to the toy issue, but where did you find that bookshelf/toy bin? I’ve been searching forever and it’s perfect!

  5. we currently did this with my 5 yr old we took out all her toys threw away anything that was baby toys, broken or not a full set. like puzzles or games. she was apart of the process and when she complained about something we talked about if we save all the broken stuff then there is no room for new toys when Birthdays and Christmas come around so then you just get clothes and socks. lol

    After the trash was out we separated into categories and I would hold up 2 similar things she picks one to keep the other one goes to donation box. Unbroken barbie dolls and polly pockets were off limits. We did it together she learned about making choices and she has a couple boxes that are empty.She is now looking forward to refilling boxes with new toys at Bday and Christmas Now that there is Room.

    Worked for us

    P.S. we got rid of a lot of happy meal toys Thank God

  6. Toy roatation, yes! If you have friends who have kids the same age, you can even share with them. I’ve done this with a few girlfriends… one bought a castle, I bought a pirate ship, etc.. (esp. the big stuff). Every once in awhile, we trade. Obviously, you have to choose your trading partners carefully. But, we’ve been swapping since our kids were little (hate the exersaucer? try this one! tired of the jungle swing? try the ocean swing!) and it’s been great.

    As for the little plastic crap. Have a plastic crap bin. If nothing comes out for a week, TOSS IT OUT (recycle, whatever).

    Preschool Tip: Some preschools will take your McDonald’s toys to use as a prize bin. Yeah, a few end up coming back to you when your kid has a gold star day, but it’s worth it!

  7. I have those exact same bins (love them) with the same misfit toys (hate them) crammed in there. I have no answer for you, but I FEEL your pain…

  8. I just go with the “it’s an orphan and she’ll never miss it” rule…I try to toss happy meal toys ASAP, although there are two little horse/unicorn thingamabobs from McD’s that she is particularly attached to, and so have stayed. But I incorporated them into the My Little Pony collection. 🙂

  9. I don’t know what the magic answer is, but I do know that the Youtube video you linked to is disgusting! When you do get rid of your toys, please dispose of them responsibly (donate them to someone in need) and don’t just throw perfectly good toys into landfill!

  10. I know the trash/landfill issue is rough. dirty old toys that no one wants.. what about those? I don’t think one can recycle these hunks of plastic

  11. Toss that crap out. It’s getting in the way of your happiness and probably, in my opinion, sex life. No mom can be happy with piles of talking, blinking, chirping, rainbow-colored junk surrounding her unless she’s on E. And I don’t mean the channel.

    For my 3 year-old’s last birthday party I asked people to forgo the Target gifts and bring a used toy for a child in need. We donated the toys, easy!

    Kids don’t even really like toys. They’d much rather play with an old Blackberry.

  12. The magic answer is FOREVER! They sit there forever until (you are correct! Ding ding ding- give the lady a prize!) you try to throw them out or give them away.

    My son found a bead from a stringing bead snake that I had gotten rid of because he had not touched it in two years. What I did not realize is that toys leave behind forensic evidence regarding their existence when you get rid of them. There is always one little part left behind, and no matter how hard you look for it to cover up your tracks, you will never find it. But, your little forensic scientist will. “Um, mom? Where is the snake this bead belongs to? Did you give it away!?” The horrors.

    This comes from the same kid who can’t find something directly in front of his nose.

  13. I don’t know if you read all of these comments but I was reading your tweets today and I have to say- The Ergo is awesome! I know it looks complicated with the step-by-step instructional DVD but really, it’s not hard. It distributes the baby’s weight on your hips and not your back, and the baby hood is really cool for nursing and keeping the sun off of your babe’s head. I wish the Bjorn came with a little hood like that. Anyways, I just had to give you my opinion.. it’s pretty cool. You could always try it and if you don’t like it you can send it back.

  14. Ladies, you crack me up! Such truth in your stories. We, too, have had this issue. Once, my son (at the time about 5), found a pile of crap toys in the trash. He pulled every one of them out and explained to me, fighting to put words in place of his tears, “Mom, sniff sniff, do you know where I, sniff, sniff, got these? sniff sniff, “I got these from McDonald’s” sniff sniff.

    The next “clean outs” I tried to make him a part of and had several bins for each ‘type’ of toy. I had him make with construction paper and supplies a label for each. ie: cars, balls, action figures, give away (charity) & trash. Inevitably, the trash bin was always empty or just a stray juice bag straw wrapper or two, or ten.

    This year must have marked the MAGIC number. (age 10) As the charity bin was the fullest, next to the trash one. He finally parted with the broken pieces of toys that went to who knows what! I couldn’t believe it. Maybe it was the threat of no new stuff as there is no where to put it until the old is gone! I will say that not long ago I did find the lips to a Mr. Potato Head just laying out – he hasn’t played with a Mr. Potato Head in at least 5 years!

    Good luck ladies!

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