Madoff Sentencing

I knew Madoff would be sentenced on Monday.  I didn’t expect to pay much attention since whether he got 25 or 150 years it would make NO difference to my family.  We were all trying to wake up after a typical night of sleep with a 4 month old when we clicked on the news as they were announcing that he would be in prison for the rest of his life.

I actually cried just a little.

It was a cry of the weariness I feel because of our theft. Of trying to muddle through and be okay.  Of mourning what we lost.  And for all the people who have lost more than we have… or rather have less of a fall back than we do.

That was that and then I needed to get Vivien her breakfast and shower.  But…

I kept getting calls from the press.  I have become a poster child for VOB (victims of Bernie). So, one local crew came to my house.  I hesitated, but I granted an interview for the same reason I blog about it.. to put a human face on this fraud .  And as always to let other people caught in the downturn to know there are so many of us who are in this mess.

Before they got here my stomach was bugging me.  I think I was having a low level anxiety attack akin to the kind I felt when we first heard we were robbed.

Had a short panic of …”what do I wear to be interviewed as a crime victim?”  In the end I kept on what I was wearing, but picked a bra with more support. This is the outfit, minus my imaginary Madoff/Chase

The reporter and cameraman were very nice.   I actually choked up a couple times talking about my kids, but they didn’t use that.  which I thought was very decent of them.  And it was pretty on the money.  I was worried they would change things up and I would regret speaking to them. some things that didn’t make it in the final cut… the reporter asked,

“How do you feel about Bernie Madoff?”

Me. ” It’s not allowed on broadcast TV what I think of him.  He is a sociopath, a serial killer.”


I really do feel good most days.  I don’t think of my old house everyday or Madoff or Stanley Chase (the feeder fund we were in).  I think I’m a pretty happy person.  But, when something like this comes up…as it also did last Monday when the SEC brought suit against Chase…it throws me back.  I regress emotionally to a few months back and I don’t like that. Monday I was not as productive or happy go lucky.  I don’t like giving these thieves another chance to make me feel bad.  I hope there is a day when I can’t be pulled under, even for a day.


I think one thing that helps me is on a day I don’t have to go to work it helps to exercise.  Most of the time that’s a walk with Rex, or Stroller Striders.  Since Vivien is off from school now that is tougher.  So I get house bound mom,  feeling tubby and VOB all rolled into one!

Must try to get the endorphins up this morning.

7 thoughts on “Madoff Sentencing

  1. Hey Daphne – don’t know if you have a Wii, or if that’s in the budget, but the Wii Active is really awesome for getting back into shape.

    Love how insightful/in touch you are with yourself, as always, although I’m sick that you have to deal with the pond scum that is madoff in any form or fashion.

  2. bless you Lisa, I was wondering about one of those. I could get one with our Visa points. I wasn’t sure if it would sit around here like my other pieces of exercise equipment.

  3. wow, i haven’t known anyone who was personally touched. i can not imagine how infuriated you and the others must be. do you have thoughts on his lawyer ? ira sorkin ?

  4. I think of FDR’s famous speech,”Thank God our only concern is material things. We are not experiencing an epidemic, or a plague, or military invasion.”

    Words we have to remind ourselves of daily. I know, we’ve been looking for work for 7 months now…not a pretty picture, losing savings, etc., BUT we can come back. You can’t come get back a lost spouse, or child….

  5. Oh!! Just remembered! Bought a Wii Fit for the family in April, and it has been in daily use by all of us. The Yoga portion is awesome, and the kids love the tennis. My shoulders are sore, and so are my quads. It is worth every penny…you can exercise whenever you have the time, 3 AM, whenever…We all love it, and my husband especially likes being able to do things with the kids, like bowling, golf, running…I do recommend an extra Wiimote, so 2 people can jog, etc. You and Mark would have fun together, seriously.

  6. good to know about the wii
    and yes, always reminding myself of HOW much I have. My children are priceless, a husband who jumps up out of bed at 5:45am when I can’t get up with the baby one more time.

    Ira Sorkin, well, he is doing his job. He didn’t directly cheat me. I hold harder feelings for the feeder fund we were in who was at best reckless with hour money and worst criminal.

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