Voicemail for Moms

My girlfriend Melissa’s husband Alex is one of the brains behind a new kind of voicemail.  I may be jumping the gun here a bit, but just call me “early adopter”.  It’s called You Mail.  You sign up and you can go on line and customize your outgoing message to whoever is in your contact list.  So when I call Melissa and she doesn’t answer I don’t feel blown off because I hear in her voice, “Hey, Daph, sorry I can’t get the phone, leave me a message.”  Even though, in fact, she could be blowing me off. They also have funny greetings you can set like one in which telemarketers would here

“Die, telemarketer, die”  I thought it too harsh, so I put on one that says my phone has been disconnected.

And they have celebrity impersonator voices, etc.

Okay, but here is the mom part.

#1 for 6 dollars a month ( otherwise it’s free) you can get your messages put in text form.  I know I often have my hands full and rarely check my my voice mail cause it’s a pain. Well, you can get a text on your phone or computer.  or save the 6 bucks and the voicemail can be accessed on your computer ..which I can do with one hand.  And once you have you mail you no longer have to have a code for your messages.  which is easier but brings me to the other point

#2  for troublesome teens or possibly errant husbands… YOU CAN LISTEN TO ALL VOICE MAILS.  yes, I go on line and see a phone record and can click on the messages that have been left.  You can be BIG MOTHER or if you live in a state that doesn’t have no fault ( I don’t) you can keep track if hubby has gotten messages he shouldn’t have.  Tad diabolical, but I thought worth mentioning.

#3 It’s nice to feel like you still are in on new technology even if you are a mom.

If you try it and something is confusing let me know and I will tell Alex.  Maybe I can help trouble shoot it.

Top Chef: Masters… the Party

Okay here is my dress… if I’m leading with that it means the party wasn’t that exciting. Granted, I’m a jaded ole basic cable host.

1) My dress is Vivienne Westwood; it was a splurge for me, but it was 50% off. And I bought it at a small store near me that NEVER has customers, so I kind feel like I was helping the economy. The shop owner was so sweet; she held Rex while I tried on clothes. Which was pretty brutal, as I am still 15 lbs overweight, and as moms know, everything has settled oddly. Oh, and I have bad undergarments. It would have helped if I had a supportive bra (a la Jane Russell); instead I have these limp, cotton nursing things that send my guns downward. And I have Spanx, but they roll under my roll. It’s really better to have a Spanx slip. Those are good.

2) I added the broach to the hip. I thought it anchored the ruching.

3) There was a little bit of press, notably my people, TV guide Network. (It’s not a channel, dammit!)  I spoke to them, but otherwise I was there as Mark’s press coach. Mark is a warm, sincere person. So I would say, “Look, that was okay, but if you want them to be sure to use your soundbite say something like, ‘I was afraid the quick challenge would involve Mario Batali in a bikini.’

4) Campanile looked great; the place was packed with people who had worked on the show. But only a few chefs. And chefs and crew people= I could have worn sweats… and clogs.

5) Looking forward to seeing Mark in his episode.

6 ) The party was going strong when I left, but my feet were aching, and I know a sweet,little boy is waking me up at 2:30a.m. So, I think 9:30 is a good exit.

Mrs. Top Chef: Masters

Okay, so for you Top Chef fans, for which there seems to be a considerable amount, this Wednesday is the start of Top Chef: Masters where, instead of lowly rubes trying to win the prize, established chefs compete to be the Top, Top Chef. Well, my sweet husband Mark Peel is one of them. He taped it a couple of months ago. A long grueling production day from what he said.

Scary chef
Creative Commons License photo credit: kevingessner

“We had to sit around and wait forever; it was so boring.” That’s production work for you. He is used to the go-go of restaurant work. I think he enjoyed some of the game of the show. He couldn’t tell me much, or they come and find you!

I’m happy he is going to be on the show. Each week, it’s a different foursome. I don’t think he will be on this week; his is in a few weeks. These “master” chefs don’t compete for money; they compete for charity. Apparently no one told the producers that unless you are Wolfgang Puck, a chef doesn’t make that much money. Mark’s charity was Doctors Without Borders.

What I’m even happier about is that Bravo is having a premiere party at Campanile. There will be some press, lots of chefs, supposedly some celebs, which means I am getting my hair done! And it means I have to find something to wear. My one ace in the hole fab dress I can’t wear a bra with, and at this point in my son’s life, that is NOT an option.

If it’s a good party I’ll blog about it on Thursday.  If it’s not, I’ll just show you what dress I wore.

Genderless Babies

Babies are babies. My daughter didn’t gravitate to pink till she was in pre-school. And while my son has a masculine cast to his face, he looks a lot like Vivien did at his age. Now, since he is an easier baby than Vivien, does that mean years from now she will be yelling she has to have a new dress for school while he quietly watches sports and belches on the couch? I’ll have to wait and see.

But for now people say things like, “Oh, a son, boys LOVE their moms.” My daughter loves me, thank you very much. Or the gal who said to me, “Wait till you have your boy.  I’m so in love with my son.” (She had two daughters.) What is this, Sophie’s choice?

More Craigslist Drama

No, I wasn’t killed. But you know how I wanted to sell our old bed?  Well, I posted it on craigslist, and I used my husband’s work as the “meet up” place if asked. Well, I get a couple of emails from a guy who wants to buy it. He then says he can’t get there himself, so he will send me a cashier’s check with the amount I’m asking for the bed-$400-plus what it would cost to ship. Thought it seemed a bit weird. Who spends money without making sure the bed is OK?

But OK.

So at my husband’s work he gets a UPS envelope addressed to me with an unfamiliar return address that does NOT match the name on the email of the person who wrote to me. Inside is a cashier’s check for $3,200!  But the return address is not Turkey; it’s in California. And there is NO note. All very weird. I email the guy and ask him for clarification, and I get nothing.

I smell weirdness.

My guess is if I go to cash this check, it will be full of beans, and I would have shipped of my bed for free. Has anyone heard of this scam? I held the check up, and there is no visible watermark.

Meanwhile, I told a lady I had sold the bed when she asked. Harumph.  Gotta try to sell it to the psychos again.