Rolling Over

Hi developmental milestone! I knew you’d be visiting a lot. You are here so much lately I’m going to have to make you a bed on the couch. Rex is eating chicken and rips out my hair with abandon. It’s good it’s so thick, or I’d be calling myself spotty head.

And here he is rolling over for the first time… well second. First time I didn’t have the camera ready.

Trick or Treat

Not that long ago Halloween meant two things to me. Either stay at home and watch TV while I gave out a little candy or get some really slutty, fun costume on and go to a party. The best outing in that incarnation was 1999 at a party in Oakland as a naughty doctor. It was lousy with athletes who had gone to Cal (sigh, brief staring off into space as I think about those bodies flirting with me and asking for a check up. sigh). A friend of mine is one of the owners of Trashy Lingerie.  They have great stuff, and if you are so inclined to be a hot mommy, you can order online.

One of these days I will slip on my naughty gas station attendant or whatever, but not when I’m walking my daughter around the hood. So, what does a mother wear and not embarrass herself or her family? I think I came up with it.

Flu Flew By

So, now we aren’t sure the flu fairy did visit us. And by flu I mean REGULAR flu, NOT Swine Flu. Vivien tested positive for a sinus infection. She was only droopy for 36 hours, so I’m inclined to think it was not the flu. As when I had it a few years ago I was on my back… and not in a good way. The nurse said she should still finish the Tami Flu. I felt a little bad since it would give her little tummy aches.

By the way, found the best way possible to get her to take it. I put it in one of those plastic 2 oz containers that people give formula to babies in. Mix it with lemonade, cover with the lid. Then if possible go out to a public place and put a bright straw in the container. Taste isn’t terrible, straw is fun and less resistance in public. When we went to breakfast one morning it was a breeze. Then bribes are at the ready too.  “When you are done you can have a cupcake!”

I realize Swine flu is not the same as polio circa 1946, but I’m a little bent to find out a TA at school had told other parents that Vivien had had Swine flu. I was tipped off by another parent, so I said straight out to the kind TA “Vivien did not have swine flu; we don’t even think she had regular flu. Please don’t say that.”

Oh, okay.

Let’s get our communicable diseases right.

By the way, thanks to all who reminded my sleep-deprived brain about my pack and play. It is working out so well. Even though a few nights a week we still have to make and eat dinner, clean the dishes, get last-minutes snacks, make Viv’s lunch by 730 or 8 so I can put the PnP in the “playroom” and get Rex down to sleep. I even figured out where the power cord is for my monitor so it can’t “conk” out.

See what getting some sleep can do? I feel giddy. I’m so rested. I still nurse him when he wakes up at 1. Yes, partly because by then I look and feel as if I have had implants, but after the nights I’ve had for 8 months, waking up once feels like a gift. And I do miss him.

Sleeping, Viv back at school. Who knows what I can accomplish now! I even took a shower!

Halloween on the Fashion Team

Oh, look at the little doggy!  He cried if I put on the part that went on his head, but take my word for it it’s a doggy costume. Rex’s second appearance on the Fashion Team. The first was when he was 9 days old ’cause momma can’t miss a paycheck.

Vivien was suppose to have appeared as Sleeping Beauty, but that’s was when we were afraid she had the flu. Rex was very good and didn’t cry. The baby to the left of him is Easton, our Executive Producer’s baby. He is about 10 weeks older than Rex. When we brought out the real dog and their costumes Rex grabbed Easton and held on to him. It was so cute. But I was next to Rex; I’m not the world’s worst mother. And he did get to keep the outfit.

If you can set your DVR for The Fashion Team this week (it repeats a bunch of times.) If you miss it, in a week or so it ends up on

Wednesday I’ll show you what I wore. Kind of funny.

Balloon Boy

There are those moments that people always remember where they were when they heard the news, Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, 9/11. Then there is the next level that most people remember, for me one of those would be when John Lennon was killed. Even the recent death of Michael Jackson was a little moment, a “no kidding!”

And with a 24-hour news cycle always on high alert sometimes they try to create these moments. The OJ car chase (I will admit I know exactly what I was doing… driving to Menlo Park from San Francisco to see an ex-boyfriend in a community play thinking, “poor guy, no one will be in the theater tonight.”). The media is hoping we will get involved, stay tuned. Will the next one be a big phony baloney one? Rolling my eyes that I made sure not to turn on the news after reading about balloon boy online lest Vivien see it and worry that she too might be carried away, perhaps by a cluster of birthday balloons.

The Flu Has Struck Our Home

So, I might not be as prolific this week due to Mr. Flu paying us a surprise visit. I was going to get the kids (and yes, I do gaze at this picture from a couple of weeks ago when they go to sleep) flu shots almost two weeks ago, but our doctor ran out. This is the regular flu, no H1N1. A couple of days ago Vivien complained of tummy issues. Not sure when a 4 year old says that it is legit or a ruse to get more cartoons. She went to school, and then to her grandma Cheryl’s house (my MIL). Around 4, Cheryl said that Viv was not herself and wanted her momma. I brought her home ASAP dialing the pediatrician as I went. By the time we made it to the doctor the next morning for our appointment, Vivien had gotten sick a few times, but now she seemed pretty good. She tested negative for flu, but the following night it had become respiratory. I phoned the doctor. She said she thinks the test was a false negative. That it looked like flu and now she thought it was. Might have been too early for a clear diagnosis. When I got home from work I was going to go to Mark’s book signing at Border’s. But no dice.

“Mommy, don’t leave.”  My mom went, which was so sweet of her.

And the sleep issues continue…  See here is the problem for the family, and really, me. Since Rex outgrew his bassinet and his vibey chair, there are only two places for him to sleep. In his crib in Vivien’s room or in Oliver’s bed with a make-shift bumper of safety around him. When Oliver is with us, as he was the last couple of nights, that leaves the crib. Now, normally Viv can sleep through a lot. Probably even Rex’s middle-of-the night babbles, but not when she is sick. And if she wakes up, so does he. So, you know, it’s like a whack a mole. Can’t help but have a moment of “Thanks, Bernie Madoff.” I’m sure he didn’t think his crimes would keep parents from getting some sleep, but there you have it. I long for one more room.  Just a Tiny one. Just to keep one down in one room, and the one in the other. I know there are families who all live in one room and happy to have it. But I’m a big, cranky old lady who wants to sleep and wants my kids to sleep.

I said to Mark, the problem is we think of how to raise our kids from the perspective of being kids ourselves. I remember fondly sharing a room when I was little with both of my sisters, so I thought it would be fine for my kids. But I wasn’t thinking of what my mom probably went through to get us to sleep, to keep us quiet. I do remember my father coming in and yelling at us, “Will you be quiet; we are trying to sleep!” I thought he was a big grouch at the time. Now I understand.

It’s like my friend who told me she wanted 4 kids. I said, “Why?”

Her: “Because I had a great time with my 3 siblings.”

Me: “Yeah, but didn’t you say your mom had issues with depression and anger?”

Her: “Yeah?”

Me: ” Well, now you don’t get to play in the backyard. You are her.”

Her: “…maybe I will stop at one.”

Back to the flu…  the doctor wanted to call in a prescription for Tamiflu, but the pharmacy I had directed her towards didn’t have it. She called and basically said it was up to me to find one that had it. Much calling around while I try to make my first cup of joe. Thank goodness for the Neglecterzizer. Found one that had the adult version, and they could make it into the kid version (the suspension).

Meanwhile, my camera man shows up to film a batch of Cool Mom vids. So the next time you see Vivien in a video know that she had flu at the time. She is being such a sweetie. I don’t think it’s a bad flu. When I’ve gotten I was ruined. She is tender, but still so energetic at times. I guess all kids are like that? She has been freakishly healthy so I don’t have a lot to go on.

So, tonight here is what I am trying.  Long chaise couch cushion on the floor of the playroom (space off of kitchen) for Rex. I need another sleep-on-the-move device for him like the vibey chair, but bigger. I hope this arrangement works out tonight.  And that they are separated enough so that they both get sleep and Rex doesn’t get the flu.

Momversation: Funny Wedding Stories

This is a fun one. Okay, so many anecdotes, so little time. So here are a few that didn’t make the cut.

At my wedding (and I mean the big, non-legal one, not the small, legal one) I was crazed doing the tables at the last minute because so many people changed their RSVP at the last minute, or called the day before and said, “We are coming, and where should we stay?”  (um, I did list hotels with special rates on the invite, but never mind) So my best gay friend and I were creating the place settings about 2 hours before the service. Some tables made more sense than others. Oh well.

I forgot to set aside time to get dressed and to have someone help dress me. My guy friend Whitney had been recruited to be our videographer. He was following me around for the video, and I yelled at him to put down the camera and help me get dressed. My friend Teresa was my hair and makeup woman who thankfully works fast and very well. I sat down, and she started creating these curls.

“I don’t know if I want these curls.”

“Tough, it’s all we have time for.”  And they looked great.

I spent a lot of time planning our music. The family members and Mark walked out to “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. I walked down to Johnny Hartmen’s, “My One and Only Love.”

When we were about to take our vows Vivien (who had just turned 1) started crying. I had to stop the ceremony and ask her nanny to take her out since I knew it upset her to be with mom, but not be in her arms. I had been trying to comfort her before the ceremony, and somewhere there are pictures of me all bedecked, ready to walk, but I had to sit down in the catering directors office and nurse her.

Our recessional was Van Halen’s, “Jump.” A song I have long loved and loved the hidden message of taking a leap into marriage. So, my mother (who performed the ceremony) said the last words, we kissed, staredt to walk down to the famous first few bars on the key board and then screeeeeeeeeeech. The music stopped.  A laugh from the crowd and then, oh well, let’s keep going. Moment lost.

Ended up someone had set their drink down on the CD player. Luckily, I brought with me because once I was in Palm Springs, it ended up the venue didn’t have one. The coordinator dried it out during the cocktail hour with a blow dryer so we had it for later.

Over all though, my weddings… both… were great. The first day people came, we had the Daphne Open golf tourney. The morning of the wedding we had the Mark Croquet games. We had a great band, wonderful toasts by my stepdaughter, my sisters, my sister-in-law and my friend Heather, who is the reason I met Mark. And by having the wedding out of town only those who REALLY wanted to be there and were fun came. And on the final day, there was a pool party at my friend Jeff’s house, which was a blast.

So, glad we did all that when we had the money… and so did others.

What were your hiccups in your day of bliss?