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  1. Sorry. no anecdotes here, that I’d want to see on the internet, maybe I’d whisper them to you if you were here. Anyway, after viewing this vlog, all I can think is,”God, she’s got good hair,”
    You’ve got the best head of hair, honest to goodness. Can’t get beyond my jealousy to write anything else.

  2. A good one I can think of off the top of my head (because I was just talking about it) would be “Remember when you used to make me laugh so hard, that I would throw up.”

    Yeah, kind of glad that’s an anecdote of yore.

  3. Haha…So I was at Panera bread the other day opening up one of the organic milk cartons and…

    I know what you mean. I started the momma thing early (first was born before I was 21). But I still have a few stories that end with, “When the police showed up…”

  4. I almost forgot…Have you ever been partway THROUGH your boring anecdote when you realize no one else is going to enjoy this or giggle with you?? WORST EVER! It’s like one of those, “I guess you had to be there” moments.

    You try to find an escape plan for it in your head…I find it’s best to pretend you hear your cell, then run off. They’ll be so glad you stopped they won’t pressure you for the boring boring END of the story.

  5. Ditto the hair compliment— I thought the same thing!

    I do have a few good ones from college– remember when we left the night before finals and drove in a minivan to Minnesota for a 2 hour booty call and they shut down the interstate because there was a blizzard? We made it to Minnesota (in 6 hours) on back roads, stayed for an hour (roads were bad, you know), drove back in a blizzard and walked into our first final of our freshman year of college (in Nebraska)? Isn’t it cool that we didn’t die?

    I find that now that I’m a mom, a lot of those ancedotes end up with me saying, “If my child EVER…..” Like I’ll ever know. My parents still don’t. 🙂

  6. oh yes Heather, I hear you. I marvel all the time I didn’t die. good subject for a vlog…
    Maegan, love ” when the police showed up” and lol on Panera line!
    Statia, I’ve laughed till I’ved pee’d, but not thrown up. you are funnier than I.
    A-thanks for hair props I have the hair of a dog, but after pro blow out it can look nice. I am not so handy.
    love the anecdotes!! Keep em coming

  7. Remember that crazy awesome sex-with-your-ex when you were supposed to be ‘working on your relationship’ with your ‘current’? Of course you do – it was exactly one week ago! Or is that just me?

  8. hahaha SGWLCM!

    i’ve managed to still collect anecdotes after becoming a parent… in fact here’s one from my pregnancy, just 8 mos ago:

    remember the time that 22 yr old hit on me at the bar… then i leaned back, with a smile, and said, “i don’t think so sweetie.” gotta love it when a guy young enough to be your son hits on your pregnant ass!

  9. soooo funny!!

    my god, there are so many, i don’t even know where to start.

    a few of mine sound like: “remember…

    …when we tried to sneak into the sold-out jane’s addiction concert with scalped tix and got busted?

    …that night we wrestled in the back of that cab?

    …that night in the life guard stand?

    …that crazy bar in amsterdam?

    …that day in SF when we gave up our plane seats and had a few hours to spare until our next flight home?

    i think i’ll stop right here. ahem!!

    thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

    and btw: were they really twins??

  10. man, everybody in my gang has the same favorite: remember when the cops showed up to that party and it took them quite a while to find anybody who even *knew* who lived there?!? good times.


  11. I don’t have a ton. I was a relativley obedient (ie boring) teenager.
    There was the time that my friend parked his suburban on top of the little wooden bridge at the beach and busted it (and got stuck in the ditch). Thankfully the cop on patrol didn’t even notice when he came to check on us.

    The time that same friend told his g/f “you look really good in the dark.” She wasn’t his g/f for much longer.

    There was the time that I spent like 2 hours driving through the country side looking for my friend’s house. Then gave up and amazing knew the way back into town to drop my other friends back at home.

    See? I told ya, boring 🙂
    I find that now all my anecdotes are about my son.
    There was the time that he put his Little People in his potty and then proceeded to wash their hands.
    Then there’s the many times that he runs around the house with my husbands touque (winter hat) over his face yelling “rawr!”
    Then there’s his attempt to ride his ride-on down the stairs.
    Or the time he colored on the walls and blamed my friend’s 5 month old.

    Yeah life certainly changed. I got married young though and despite my lack of anecdotes I’m glad that I did because it saved both my husband and I a lot of trouble. Well…. he still got into a ton before we met….. but that’s a whole different story!

  12. I’m afraid I could go ON and ON.. This from a Mom of the greatest kids you can imagine. (17 year old son and 12 year old responsible as heck twin daughters).

    My parents still think it is rather unfair of the Universe 🙂 I was the teen from hell I tell you. Then I grew up. But holy crap if my kids do half of what I did as a teen… I will go mad!

    Here are a few examples..

    -when we all dared each other to drink a 26 ounce bottle of vodka on my 16th b-day.. And we did 🙁 Stayed out all night on the pretense I was sleeping over at my friends house. Spent the night (innocently enough) with a BF. After we all cruised the countryside tanked in the back of a truck.. sigh.. (Wondering how I did not die with all the stupid things I have done..)

    – went to a ‘hen party’ at a friends parents house and over 200 people showed up wrecking the place till the cops showed up. Stayed at BF’s house and when my parents read it in small town newspaper were so shocked. And had nary a clue I was there 🙂

    – at the lake tried the doors of all the cabins for somewhere to make out. Found one open but the owner woke up and came downstairs… peaceful guy. Very awkward! And then had sex on the beach 🙂 (With the boyfriend, I was a nutso teen but not a ho!)

    -went 4×4’ing with another BF in the boonies up in the mountains with another couple. Scary as hell but one of the most exciting nights of my life! Later then hell for my curfew but decided it was worth it and glad I thought so. Parents said nary a thing in the morning.

    – getting punched in the face by a gal who so hated one of my friends she used me as her punching bag. (Must remind this to old friend who I have recently been in touch with 😉

    – when our dates smoked pot in the old gym during a HS dance…

    – When I got caught smoking within sight of the school and the principle said I either had to pick up garbage at lunch for a week or write 100 lines of “I will not smoke within sight of the school”. I purposely winced when he mentioned the latter and blessedly only had to do lines 😉

    -Skipped school to go to town 2 hours away with said principles truck with BF of the time to pick something up for him. Ha, loved the irony of it all! (BF asked by teacher to do it, I was just an accessory 😉

    – Got a free pass to skip school when my mother asked the principle why he always called to check on me when I was absent from school and not my older two siblings? Thanks Mom for 4 years of getting out of school free! The school never ever called again asking why I was absent from school 🙂

    -when we used to jump the fence at the local outdoor pool and swim naked late at night!

    – the time we decided to run away from home. Spent hours planning and talking about it and then getting tired and then saying ‘better get home’ 😉

    – Coming home late at THIRTEEN!! to a friends house and telling her mom we were sleeping outside, that is why she could not find us at in the wee hours of the morning.. (First night I tried pot, and one of the last,)

    – the night I tried to fix my future husband up with my gorgeous cousin. Meanwhile he introduced me to his cousin and I was completely oblivious. My cousin not interested, thinking FH too interested in me.. (Years later I did fall for him 🙂

    – Finding my BF in bed with another girl.. and forgiving him. Sigh 🙁 (But yeah, got him in the end big time 🙂

    -The time I asked my dear friend if she thought my BF was screwing around and she replied ” Amy, he propositioned ME!” Oh the pain!!

    Ahh the stories I could tell 🙂 Started dating at 13 and married at 26… Not a lot of lovers but a lot of experiences, that is for sure..

    But you know? Don’t regret it.. Apparently that is what I needed at the time.. Just thankful as heck my kids are as damned GOOD as they are! Let them experience things when they are older and more apt to use their common sense.. At least I can hope..

  13. – we bought cigarettes at 11 at the local gas station vending machine..

    – we walked to the park alone so young but the world considered so safe then.

    – the Kool – Aide stands we used to have and that one guy that kept coming back and giving us fives. In hindsight I think he was a pedophile setting us up.. He was just that creepy..

    – the church we used to visit for cookies from the janitor. He was grampa to one of our friends. May he rest in peace, such a kind man. And by today’s standards would be considered a risky person. Heart of gold.

    – Having my bike (actually my sisters bike) stolen one day. At 11 left it in the mall to hike the 3 miles to the lake. Guess someone decided to take it home. My brain could not understand that notion so for months I would visit the RCMP and ask if my bike had been turned in. Nope. But how mature was I to make the effort to check weekly. Impressive..

    Finally confessed to my older brother while sitting on the roof of our old house what had happened. He of course finked on me promptly. Sigh.. how much easier it would have been to just be honest!

    Many of our experiences and tales good and bad are so worthy. Through them we become the people that we are.. I am now 43, mom to 3 great kids and have spent most of my adult life working with those who are aged and/or have some sort of disability. A good person.

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