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Creative snacks?  How about snacks shaped like insects!  Hey, if it works, it works.

You all gave me such good ideas about lunches, what are your creative snacks?  Because when Vivien starts AYSO there is going to be even more pressure. Submit your tip in the comments for a chance to win a lunch care package from General Mills filled with fun and healthy snacks for kids. I’ll be choosing my favorite tip at the end of this month, so keep posting your best suggestions in the comments.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Alexandra for her winning snack tip!

15 thoughts on “ADVERTISEMENT: Snack competition

  1. I know they’re easy, but so bad for you! Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives oh my! Why not just some natural, organic trail mix? I know I sound crunchy, but it’s yummy and healthy. You can even throw in some chocolate chips. Still a fan though!

  2. I’m a fan, but why the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives for snacks? It’s just as easy to buy or make organic trail mix. You can even throw in some chocolate chips.

  3. Hey, I get it. sometimes I just want to make the little kids smile. but the important thing is for you to leave your suggestions to wine some stuff. one winner june, one winner July.

  4. Just making the SOS look different — cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters, for example. Also she begs for lunachables but they are not so healthy so I make my own. I break down and buy them once in awhile and save the tray, put in whole wheat crackers, cheese, better lunchmeat, and grapes in the slots, cover with saran wrap! Ta Da!

  5. This is largely irrelevant information, but when I was little, I wanted to group up and be the lead singer of a band called “Ants on a Log.” So we all know what my favorite snack was back in the day – which of course I’m sure if ruled out now by the allergy police. But let’s have a moment of silence for ants on a log – the snack, and my band.

    Not sure if cheese is verboten in your circles, but my niece and nephews are always down with a mini-bag of pretzels and a wedge of laughing cow. They get really geeked about the little silver wrapper, and how it peels back, etc.

  6. This wouldn’t qualify as a ‘soccer’ snack, but I saw this idea on a website a few years ago, and my kids LOVE it.

    Beary-Berry Banana Splits… Half a banana sliced the long way, topped with some strawberry (or whatever kind) yogurt, in a bowl. Sprinkle on a small handful of Teddy Grahams… it’s sooo cute, and yummy too 🙂

    Gotta admit, all three of my kids love fruit snacks, fruit roll-ups, yo-go’s, etc. Yes, I know they aren’t the best thing for them to eat, but they get one every other day or even less and they’re happy 🙂 They eat fruit for snacks most days so I don’t feel too bad about it.

  7. Agreed. Sorry, Daphne and Sponsor, those bugs are hideous. Should any food really match the colour of your light blue sweatshirt?

    Love you and your site, just not those particular snacks. Current fave snack around here: mixed handful of cheerios, Kashe (hey – are either of those General Mills??), raisins, chocolate chips; sometimes mini pretzels; pumpkin seeds. I call it “what’s in the cupboard?! we’ve gotta go here …”

    (Guess I’m not going to win either…)

  8. LOL I love “we’ve gotta go here” yes, I hear you on what’s easy.

    the banana splits things sounds good… and like you put some effort into it.:)

  9. My oldest kid eats anything with little to no color (white/beige/light yellow foods only)… But Cheese sticks? OMG that kid could live on cheese sticks!! And yes, we get the white ones. 😉

    The little one…you can call it a meal, but she’s all about the PB&J. Or in her own adorable words, “More jelly butter, please?”

  10. Am I going to be speared for admitting that my kiddo snacks on Jell-O? I got some cheap 2-inch-squared containers from the dollar tree and we do up big batches. Then she (age 3) can grab her own little snack from her shelf in the fridge, and it’s less expensive than the individual containers from the store.

    Also, I don’t know that it’s creative (and certainly not portable) but occasionally we do a whole meal we call “Things That Go DUNK.” It’s basically just apple slices, carrots and celery and pretzels on a plate with little blobs of yogurt, hummus and ranch. No utensils, any combination goes. 8^)

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