I’m Going to a Wedding!

Full disclosure: I went to this wedding already, but shot this video several weeks ago. I have to get my timing better.  But the main thrust is the same.  Mommy gets to get dolled up and go out!  I did wear the shoes I’m wearing here, but instead went for a long sleeve, grey jersey Vivienne Westwood dress, that I had gotten a while ago for a red carpet event, and put a new belt on it. I don’t like when middle aged woman wear what look like prom dresses, so I went understated (here with friends Heather and Liz).

It was not a run of the mill shindig.  It was the wedding of my old friend Jodi Applegate, a newscaster in NYC (I met Jodi years ago in one of my early broadcasting jobs at Metro Traffic, the tobacco road of broadcasting), and Michael Kay, a sports broadcaster, voice of the Yankees.  It was at the Plaza Hotel and Rudy Gulianni performed the service.  It was full of incredible food and great music, and Jodi, who hasn’t aged in 20 years, looked stunning.  Here is the write up in the Post (full of false hoods — no ice sculpture, no changing of gowns, no player jamming with band).  Here is a slide show of the wedding.  Right before the walk down the aisle there is a glimpse of me, hair up, in the second row on the right.  I was honored to be there.

I hope it doesn’t ruin our friendship.

3 thoughts on “I’m Going to a Wedding!

  1. I get unjustifiably excited anticipating a grown up evening too! It’s especially exciting when it’s with old friends from before I had children so we can talk about things other than sleep schedules and poop.

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