Bin Laden is Still Dead

Yes, it’s true, he is still dead. No video has been released. Take that, conspiracy theorists. It was kind of a big story a while back. It even eclipsed the royal wedding. Was there a honeymoon? No one cared. The question was, “was there a picture of dead Bin Laden?”

Visions of his bullet-blasted brain filled the imagination, but President Obama decided no one would see it. Yes, they did take a picture, but no, they would not release it to the public. Not even in that fuzzy sort of way like when they blurred out the picture of Schwarzenegger’s love child, but five seconds on the internet and you could find it unfuzzed (yes, I did, I’m not proud).

I would like to talk the President about this. If only he would stop by my house…

Momversation: Are We Raising a Nation of Dumbasses?

I can say it because I’m not that bright myself but bright enough to know that the lack of emphasis on funding education is going to drive this country in the ground. The global economy, the recession, these aren’t going to make it easier for Americans to get ahead.

So, here is a good idea, how about every year we spend less on education? How about we leave super large school systems like LAUSD as big honking behemoths. Yes, those are great ideas.

For this Momversation, I climbed on my soap box.

Let’s start the million mom march!!!

Woo-hoo!  Book the hotel room. DC, here we come!

Toy Audit

One of the opportunities that moving affords is the ability to start anew. I won’t have a pile of crap on my kitchen counter here. Oh, no, it will be an “everything has its place” kind of house. And what a good time to take stock of our bins of toys, right? While I’m at it, I think I will involve my five-year-old in the process. Yes, I’m a flipping genius.

Cool Mom Cribs

MTV Cribs is iconic television. I realized I would never be on it as I am not famous enough, hip enough, interesting enough and I have an old velour track suit which doesn’t look good. But why let things like that get in my way when I have a story to share? I have a new home to showcase. Well, not new in the Mcmansion sense, but new to me.

Party on!

Day at the Trashes

As I’ve mentioned my son is in the hardcore trash truck phase of his life. We are all very supportive of this since trash trucks are pretty cool.
While Rex and I were doing our usual hunt for trash trucks in our new neighborhood we were surprised when the trash truck stopped in front of us. Not to pick up debris, but for a chat. We met Luis. The nicest sanitation worker in Los Angeles ( perhaps there are others, but I haven’t met them). He told us that the following day ( Saturday) the sanitation yard was having an open house. He wrote down the info as he had given out all of the flyers.
I phoned Mark immediatly, “we have an important field trip tomorrow.”
day at the trashes
The event started at 11am, and if I go again which I would, I say get there at the start. Some of the free stuff is gone by 1pm. They had a DJ, free hot dogs and hamburgers and a line of gleaming new trash trucks. Big ones, small ones. The kids could climb in the cab.

They could push the controls to grab a trash can and then who did we see? Luis, the nicest sanitation worker in Los Angeles ( or LTNSWILA for short).
day at the trashes
He let both the kids ( Rex was on Mark’s lap) get in the cab and control that mechanical arm that grabs the cans and shoots them up and over. It was thrilling. Vivien proved quite adept at at the trashes I tried it and it was harder than it looked.
There was a also a truck for huge object retrieval. It was more like construction equipment, but the line was too long for us.
There were tents set up where eager sanitation workers were trying to educate us all about the different types of trash pick ups and things like what to do with medicine. Don’t flush it down the toilet. It’s toxic waste. I told them I had been driving around town with my batteries. I had hoped they would take them from me. They did not offer. But, an organization was there that said they would plant trees for free on our parkway if we liked.
Mark made me poise for this picture.
day at the trashes
Yes, ironic, as a mom at a trash day event is always looking her best.
Vivien filed this brief, yet succinct report

School Meetings: If You Could Speak the Truth

If you jumped up during a school, PTA, or school committee meeting and said what was really on your mind, what would you say?

Imagine I am there in one of those meetings where the admins make their presentation and some parent leaders talk about something they are involved with. That is where this vid begins.

Then tell me what you would like to say… if their were no repercussions or dirty looks at drop-off to worry about.

scandal pants

In a surprise to no one Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he did send twitters to ladies-not his wife– of his bulging sack.  What a shame.  His poor wife and bummer for liberals like myself who use to enjoy his aggressive stance against Republican policies.  An articulate guy I thought a few times, “that guy has balls.”  So much so he wanted to share pictures of them.
Having spent years dating prior to marriage I can recall guys I was flirting with or dating saying things on the phone along the lines of “you are making me so hard.”  Even when I liked the guy I always did an eye roll because that never got me hot, it’s gets them hot. “Feel how much you are making me crazy” as they put your hands on their pants, sure nice if I am super into them, but if not GROSS.  I feel like I humored a lot of those kind of lines so just not to embarass them.  While would have really made me hot was

1) that they thought I was beautiful, funny and intelligent
2) being a funny, intelligent, accomplished smarty pants
3) they would buy me a house.
So, Congressman who might be mayor of NYC more attractive than goofball who takes pictures of himself on the couch with cats and calls them “pussys”.

Does it rise to the level of crime? No, just lame.

How sad that this successful men still don’t get that EVERYONE is watching and yes, tweets and love children all get found out these days.

To paraphrase a famous quote, “I gave my enemy a sword…in my pants.”


This move, I was pretty darn organized. But, being only human, something fell through the cracks.  I should have called my internet provider earlier. Apparently when you have a near monopoly on a business you need a long lead time to service the masses. It was nearly two weeks without internet.

Would being netless drive me witless?