Winners! Bikini thief winners announced

Hey, you can be a mom and win a swimsuit contest!
They you all for playing!  There was a much better chance of winning the black bikini as most of you wanted the tankini ( do you hear that people who make swimsuits?)
Studies show we are all getting bigger historically, yet most suits made for a 14 year old body.
I digress.
The winner of the cute black bikini is CLAIRE. ( if this isn’t the one you wanted let me know.  since you didnt’ state preference I put you in both drawings.)
The winner of the Tankini is CAROLINE.
CONGRATS! Thanks to everyone for playing.  Winners, please email me your mailing info to Daphne Please leave a comment expressing your delight, “you really like me” Sally Field it up.
Happy summer!

Secret Motivation: Farmer’s Market, sponsored

Sure my kids would chomp on a chewy food that’s color is not found in nature, but I’m trying to get them excited…or at least sort of curious.. about foods that are good to them and to teach them how you incorporate these foods into a meal.
When Vivien was younger she was more open to things plucked from the ground. viv at 2
They love dad’s catering van.  We are pretty chic around here and the Campanile van is our “company car”  ( no sleek sedan for us!).  Our kids love playing  in the van, so I brought them to the restaurant as Mark was unloading his bounty from the day’s shopping. His first stop is Campanile, the second is Tar Pit. We caught up with him at camp.
Click to here to see the video…and You might learn a few things.. I know I did!
rex at campanile

Starting August 1st, when someone watches the featured video on the Hillshire Farm Facebook page, they will get to download a $.55 Off coupon for any Hillshire Farm product.  Then, if they post the offer on their Facebook Newsfeed or enter three friend’s email addresses, they will have the opportunity to upgrade to a larger coupon for $1 off.

This the second of four posts that are sponsored by Hillshire Farms.  Which basically means they ask me if I can write or do a vid on themes they are using in their marketing.  They are easy themes to connect with so I readily agreed.  I am going to receive some money for this.  Whoops, I forgot to also ask for sliced ham. I love sliced ham.

Wreck Mom

This could mean so many different times, but here we explore that anxiety and self punishment moms inflict on themselves in the realm of “am I doing the right thing?”

We were going to shoot some cool mom vids and friend and producer Michelle came over and we started talking about her life, and then of course we say, “hey, this is a cool mom, Chung Ming, turn on the camera” (the three of us have become a bit like the Mod Squad, except we talk more).

Note the enjoyment I still get from my Kenmore washer and dryer. Be sure to check out their contest Genius Tips on Facebook. There are good ideas there and you can enter, but I just like reading the tips.  It’s also interesting to me how far Facebook has come as a marketing tool. Even for a big company their site is secondary. Remember how simple FB pages use to be?  No more.

But, I digress, watch a mom torment herself and a jaded mom tell it like it is.

GIVEAWAY: Bikini Thief

Put down the sunscreen, get your flip flops on and fire up the margarita machine! We are doing a swimsuit giveaway! Not one, but two!!  Watch the vid and comment below to win.

The suits are fab and provided by Bikini Thief. My stylist friend Jess Zaino hooked us up. She thought (correctly) that I would love them since they have a vast maternity line. She gave me the red “St. Bart’s” suit last year. So cute and comfy. You don’t have to be pregnant to wear them; maybe just not wanting to display your less than stellar abs poolside.

Happy Summer!

**For official rules, click here.

Getting a toddler to get his iron: Sponsored

getting them to eat cake is the easy part

Getting them to eat cake is the easy part

At Rex’s last check up the doctor said he was borderline anemic.  I panicked.  “Oh, my poor baby!”  She assuared me it was fairly normal, but gave me a list of iron rich foods to feed him.

Now, if your toddler is like mine it’s hard to get them to eat anything, except cookies.  He grazes, so the “let’s sit down for a full meal” only works at dinner time.  I don’t force him to eat as a rule, but I did–and do want him to get enough iron.

After chasing him around the house with a beef rib.  “come on, let’s play doggie.”

Failing at bribing, “if you eat this ham I will give you a cookie.”  ( Not sure why girls are easier to bribe with food than boys, but sorry equality folks, they are)

I ate a lot of meat myself while trying to get Rex to sit down and eat.  SIT DOWN AND EAT, SIT DOWN AND EAT!!!  ( yelling didn’t work either). As he started drawing one day I had a Eureka moment.

“Rex, Let’s paint !”  Yeah, he said with a smile.  “Where is my paper mommy?”

I put down the art supplies on the table and next to it the slices of ham, broccoli tops and a glass of orange juice ( vit. c helps the body absorb the iron).  As he drew I got little bits into his mouth. Not a ton, sometimes he refused them, but some.  He “finishes” a drawing pretty fast so I had to keep handing him paper and give him a motivation.

“Grandma needs a picture.  Aunt Cec needs a picture. The mailman needs a picture.” He couldn’t think for a minute I was feeding him.  The words “eat” must not pass my lips.

I don’t always have to resort to Food Art and sometimes I’m too pooped to try, but it’s in my bag of quills.

Share your own secret motivations at Hillshire Farms Facebook page and check out the funny ads Hillshire Farms is doing with Wendi McClendon-Covey , the scene stealing actress from “Bridesmaids”  ( the frustrated married one.  Her line about the Daily Show made me snort soda out of my nose).  I wish I look that cute in my own kitchen, alas, I don’t have the lighting.

This the first of four posts that are sponsored by Hillshire Farms.  Which basically means they ask me if I can write or do a vid on themes they are using in their marketing.  They are easy themes to connect with so I readily agreed.  I am going to receive some money for this.  Whoops, I forgot to also ask for sausage. I love sausage.

What the F–eather?

One of the perks of being a blogger is you get invited to get together’s where people give you some free stuff.  Now, we are not talking Emmy gift suites like I reported on when I worked at TV Guide Channel.  It’s more baby lotion, cookies, coupons for stuff.  Honestly, I don’t go to many.  One reason is I feel like if I do I need to write about it and I’m not a product review site and if I don’t really love it I don’t want to write about it.  Also, if I don’t love it I don’t want to slam it…well, till now.  I’m NOT going to name names, but more indict a trend and my passiveness in participating in it.

So, I went to a crowded room and was shown the way to the “pamper” room.  Nail polish?  No, thanks, rarely do my nails these days. Chair back rub?  No, hurts my neck.  I was trying to make out what looked like cool make up brushes- interested, when I was told they were feathers to put in your hair.  I almost laughed.

“Oh, not for me.  I’m too old for that.”

The nice hair/feather lady said that was not true.

Me: ” this is what the kids are doing, right?”

Her: ” yes, everyone!  We get the supplies from tackle shops and the flyfisherman hate us.  They sell out.”

Fly fisherman, my hair, yes, I should have moved on to the cupcake table.  But, no.  I allowed the eager lady to put a little feather in my hair, ala hair extension.  The feather was almost the color of my own processed hair.

“if I put it like this you can pull it forward to show it or hide it .” She said moving my hair around. I thought of Cher in the ’70’s and the feather on the roach clip.  When I saw the lady coming at me with a PLIERS!.

“Can I just take this out myself?”

“No, you need a professional.”

OH, Crap.  Once for a TVG shoot I had eyelash extensions put on me and it was like having trantula’s surgically attached to your eyelids.  I had to go back the next day and have a very uncomfortable process to have them removed.

For the next couple of days I showed people my feather.  A nice YOUNG girl who bartends at The Tar Pit thought it was great, my husband said he could barely see it     ( of course he also says “where’s the butter?” as he stands in front of an open fridge) finally a mom friend who is close in age to myself said flat out, “Take that out.”

“it looks ridiculous on me, right?”

“yes.” she said bluntly.  Later it was really bugging me physically.  The feather was clamped on to my hair with metal.  I couldn’t see how to get it off.  I pulled out a scissors and cut it all off.  I have enough hair, I won’t miss that little bit of hair.Fwd: Feather

I ask myself , why did I allow to be put in my hair in the first place?  Lucky she wasn’t offering up free tatoos.

Kid Audition

I feel like I am sharing a dirty secret of mine: Rex has an agent. Hear me out. It’s because of cool mom and segments on Fashion Team where Rex appeared in a few little gigs he was asked to do with me. I plunked the cash right into his 529 or IRA. (By the way, Coogan Law which is supposed to protect child actors only requires that 15% of the gross of the child’s earnings be deposited in his Coogan account. I think it should be more.)

Since Stanley Chais and Madoff decided Rex didn’t get that money for his education, I thought, hey, if the kid can score a few bucks great. All the better while he is so little that he won’t feel like a piece of meat. When I have been on shoots with kids, other kids, they have always been treated very well. Which is why our recent experience auditioning was all the more shocking. It’s also why Vivien wants no part of it.

Recessionista: Hair

This is the first in an occasional series here on cool mom. What is a recessionista? It’s thrown about a lot these days. I think it’s a person who is still trying to be as stylish and joyful as they were when they were fully employed, their house wasn’t underwater and they thought they had a retirement fund.

Now, sometimes, my “take aways” don’t work. But, oh, well, laughs are free.

Let me know your recessionista tip and I will try to work them into another vid.

Sex Before 10

A recently divorced friend said to me, after she climbed off a 29-year-old, “sex after marriage is better than the sex I had before I was married.” She was thrilled to already have a couple of kids in the can, the wedding dream-and broken dream– behind her. “It’s sex with no expectations. I am completely in the moment.”

Now, I love hearing that a gal in her early 40’s can get her groove back, but I still think I can be fun.

Providing it’s a tiny window of time.

Come on, you KNOW it’s true.