What to wear back to school? Survey Results (sponsored)

What are the back to school items you want to skip?  Which ones are on your to do list?

If I was to fill out a survey on the topic I would say

1) One of  my back to school items is trying not to look like the frumpiest lady at drop off.

2) closed toed shoes for Vivien.  She can’t wear her favorite foot wear at her school, sandals, so I will be looking for closed toe shoes that are EASY TO PUT ON.  When we are trying to get out the door I can’t stand wrestling with the hard to slip on shoes.

3) good price.  Yes, I have seen $130 jeans for little kids.  I have also seen people bungee jump.  I plan on doing neither.  They grow out of their clothes so fast it’s koo-koo to spend that kind of money on kid clothes.

Well, speaking of surveys Sears and Blogher did a survey about parent’s shopping habits for this Back to School period. Here are some of the results

two-thirds of parents say they are inclined to spend more on apparel items like jeans, tops and shoes for this school year versus last year.

So, even in a downturn, kiddos still keep growing.  I am more likely to buy something for my kids than myself.

But according to the survey, parents are spending more on KEY items, but, they using newspaper ads, circulars and loyalty programs to track down the best deals. All those services that rhyme with boo pon, you know.

Okay, so what are the key items?  For my 10 year old niece it’s cool pants and graphic tee’s.  Preferably, with a peace sign.  For my 17 year old stepson, it’s tight legged blue jeans and plan t shirts.  For Vivien it’s anything in pink.  So, to make the purchase worthwhile… the maximize your time, here a few results of my own:

1) pick stuff they are really going to wear.  Yes, I would love it if I could still dress my niece up in fancy dresses, but it ain’t going to happen.

2) lay out a few rules.  there will be no midriff showing, a non starter. I’m fine with a peace sign, or Love or American flag, but nothing with a negative or snarky saying thanks.

I know I will soon be made irrelevant, but right now I still a little input.

3) don’t shop at a place that is not your food group.  Make sure it’s a store that has stuff you feel okay with.

4) Sears has a great Facebook application called, “Mom’s Amazing List”, which allows you to actually create your own shopping list and get suggestions based on your child’s gender and age.

5) Avoid the impulse.  I could buy my daughter cute, flowery dresses all day, but her closet is choking with them, so until she gets a little bigger, I can’t justify that purchase.

I should ) my own shopping better.

this is the first of three posts sponsored by Sears about Back to School shopping.  I am going to be doing some media appearances in support of their program.  I love me some Sears.

3 thoughts on “What to wear back to school? Survey Results (sponsored)

  1. What? First comment?!! Go ahead girls, be jealous. So anyway Daphe, I say, GO SEARS! There is something about you that’s the spokesperson type. Like, did you see that review Cool Mom did with Ming Lee’s awesome lighting?

    Sorry if I totally scrambled his name, I’ve heard you say it, but never an actual interview with him. You know, like, “So, what’s it like to work with Cool Mom herself…?” and “what other projects are you working on?” and um, “are there any causes out there that are close to your heart?” Just like anyone with a boring old public platform.

    So anyway, SEARS, thank you for making this vlog commenting moment possible.

  2. Just checked two off my to-do list today, turned out Payless Shoes had the deal. Can you believe they charge $19.99 for a pair of BALLET SHOES? At least they had Champion sneakers (all white) for my 9 year old…AND buy one get the second half off. So worth it.

    Only other thing I bought was a Kids Bop CD at Target. Went down to $9.99 from $11.99, saving ME two dollars.

  3. Of course the TO DO I haven’t done yet, is nab a NORTH FACE backpack from ebay. And yes, that would be for Lauren, my 13 year old daughter (seventh grade!)

    My husband stocked up on SO MANY Abercromie T-shirts for my 9 year old Taylor…they just keep shipping in the door! He loves Abercrombie and ebay. So anyway, what were we talking about?

    Ah yes, cute husbands.

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