Back to School Giveaway … and How to Survive an SMT

Not a bad gig. I talk about what I do to get my kids ready for back to school and about trends for the tweens. The main crux of the gig was going to NYC and doing what is called a satellite media tour. This is when you see a personality in a faux room on local news. People, like myself, are speaking to Chattanooga, then Toledo, then Houston — quick way to get around the country.  They can see me, I cannot see them. I am told their name so I can say things like, “That’s right, Joanne, shopping with your kid can be stressful, but here is my advice…” Of course, going to is on the to-do list (kept dropping that middle ‘s’ when I try to go and that doesn’t work).

On set, we taped this vid where I give my other pointers AND at the end, I tell you how to get a back to school outfit for your tween.

What I learned from doing this SMT?  Bad idea to have insomnia the night before. Ugh. The smoked salmon sandwich they brought me really kept me going. Bad idea to travel back home the same day as 26 interviews; it’s a tad tiring.

I brought Vivien with me to NYC and that was so wonderful. But that’s another post.

11 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway … and How to Survive an SMT

  1. My 13yo daughter is all about the graphic tees and can’t stand to wear her parents’ taste—polos and khakis. C’mon, conservative is COOL! She is rocking the feather earrings this school year, which I totally have to admire.

  2. Daphne!! You are too funny!!!
    My boy is 18 months old… BUT.. “I” do actually fit into the “bigger” girls sizes.. It’s a trick I use since I’m so stinking short. I go to girls’ bigger sizes and I don’t have to worry about hemming my clothes or getting them altered…
    That purple striped tunic is kick-butt… but … I love anything purple!

  3. I haven’t commented in such a long time, but I love you Daphne…

    I so agree with “listen to them!!” So true. My daughter has a very unique sense of style, completely opposite of my own. I have learned to stand back and respect her creativity. She’s got the confidence to pull just about anything off anyhow.

    However, my tip would be to check the dress codes at the school before you shop. I was shocked to discover that at my daughter’s school all shirts had to have sleeves…in AZ…not the three finger rule or anything…good to know. Also, no skin can show if she puts her arms in the air. She’s 5’8″ in 7th grade! That can be tricky. Most of the time dress code can be found on the school/district websites.

  4. I”m sick of shopping. send me the goods! Please. My tip is keep parking ticket with you as you probably have to pay before returning to car. annoying

  5. Thank you so much for randomly selecting me as the winner of a cute tween outfit from SEARS! It arrived yesterday and is an adorable preppie hoodie w/ Dockers chinos and a pink weatherproof jacket. We feel so unexpectedly spoiled!

    My internet’s been down so I’m kind of behind on my Cool Mom video watching. But thanks so much for making me a WINNER!

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