Well, Now That You Asked…

This morning I got up bright and early ( it was dark outside) to be picked up by a car to go to a NBC studio and be interviewed by my friend Chris Jansing on MSNBC. Yes, that link is to the video.  Please note, that unlike Ruth Madoff I did my own hair ( glad they couldn’t see the back like in my recessionista vid

So, Ruth Madoff is going to be on “60 Minutes” this Sunday. It will make me seethe, but at some point I will probably watch it. Not during our dinnertime and not when I could be reading to my children, but I’ll DVR it and watch it.

As a chatty, open “victim” I’ve started to get the calls from the news media about my reaction. I feel sorry for the producers because I can’t say that I’m a total basket case; that would be better TV. Some of the repercussions of the loss of our savings is too personal to share even on this blog. It would violate other family members’ privacy. Suffice it to say: It has had a huge impact.

But I’m fine. Pissed, poorer, asking people, “Hey can you hold that check for a week or so?” … but in the realm of normal living.

HOWEVER, when I read that poor Ruth and Bernie tried to off themselves I seethed anew. I’m hesitant to respond at all because it usually sets me back for a few days.

Did they try to smother themselves in a big bag of money?

Ruth says they took some pills because people were calling them mean names. Not because they had RUINED people’s lives. Poor Bernie took pills because everyone knew he was crook, not because he was a crook. Not when he took old people’s life savings.

I reserve HATE for a few people. Two that come to mind: Bernie Madoff and Stanely Chais (i.e., the dead guy who took our money and gave it to BM – good initials for him).

But I’m fine. I have to help Rex with his watercolor.

Speaking in Third Person

There are so many traps moms can fall into. Looking haggard (check), lack of manicure, regular highlights and claw like toes (check, check, check). But motherhood can also affect our speech.

One day, I realized how I was talking. What’s the matter with me? Why do I do this? What if I took this pattern to its logical extreme?

Do you do this?  Why do we do this?

O You! Recap (sponsored)

My trip to Atlanta to O You! put some spring in my step, which was it’s objective. I would never even have known about this O Magazine event had the Toilet Wand gang at Clorox not asked me to go to it and give a trip away for it.

Here is what it was: A convention of Oprah fans who wanted to be inspired to improve their lives or get over a hurdle.

Pros: it was well produced, heard some good talkers: Suze Orman, Martha Beck, Donna Brazile — who knew she was so fired up? She always seems a little bored on the political shows. Dr. Oz told us all we needed sleep. I could have told him that and my face isn’t on the back of a bus. Meeting the winner of the Cool Mom contest and hearing Oprah speak live, she almost made me cry.
suze orman on stage o you 11

Cons: It was crowded. The lines for the bathroom in the morning were insanely long (fortunately I knew to beat up to the Ode to Commode where there was no line. Apparently, so did Nate Berkus because I saw him going into the men’s room there as well. By the time my seminars were done (one could pick 2 out of 3) there was no food left. The irony was not lost on me as I stood under the lunch pavillion at the empty baskets where salads and sandwiches use to be, glassy eyed attendees shoving potato chips in their mouth, as that was all that remained, save the bad cookies, while Bob Greene talked on a nearby stage to a woman who had lost over 90lbs.

“Yes, eating right is the most important part of weight loss.”  Um, Bob, yo, Bob, can we get an egg white wrap over here?

I have some choppy footage I’m going to get edited, but the uploading part is … problematic.  Also, Lori, the CM winner, is going to do a guest post.  She was the sweetest, most unjaded gal. So glad she won the trip.

I loved being in Atlanta. Great to see my long lost cousin Sue Ellen and eat Southern chow. The other night I had a great meal with my dear friends from Nashville who came down to see me. Their bourbon drinking put me under the table, but well worth it.

The overall message from Oprah in a nutshell: the past can’t hold you unless you let it. Your life needs to be about service. Your life matters. Everyone’s story matters.

Tire Swing

Often, Mark suggests things that make me roll my eyes.

Either because he put it in a pun– which wear on me.  Or I know it’s something that is NEVER going to happen. Example: “On Saturday, let’s all get out the door by 8am so we can get to the Farmer’s Market across town and buy the best Persian Mulberries before the guy sells out.”

Cut to an entire house sleeping on Saturday save for Rex jumping up and down on my chest screaming “Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies”.  So, my wifely eye roll is “come on, let’s deal in reality.”

So, when Mark said, “we should make a tire swing” in our big, new backyard I filed it in the part of my brain where I also lodged his frequent comment to guests, “We are going to have a zip line going from the patio to the end of the yard!”  Snare drum anyone?

So, imagine my surprise when one day we had tire swing in our back yard.

My husband is a stud.

Making Out With Your Kid (Momversation)

This Momversation is personal. I picked the topic, I picked the angle of it and I drove a few miles with my son in tow to make it happen. Yes, I left my house to vlog. Doesn’t happen much.

This all started when I ran across an essay on Babble (See, I mentioned you; can you move me up from mom blogger #31?  Thanks.) written by Joel Stein. It had the provocative title, “Making Out with My Son“.  But I wasn’t grossed out. I knew exactly where he was going with this. Sadly, many people were dialing 911 as they read it.

Now, not only did I relate to the essay I also felt like, for years, I got Joel.  He used to write op ed pieces in the LA Times during the very moment when they had interesting writers.  Now, with the exception of Ronald Brownstein, it’s pretty neutered. He writes for Time as well, but unless I’m in an airport I don’t read that. I know he is a very funny writer. In fact, his piece about a man crush on Obama in ’08 was the only writing I had saved in my “inspiration” file. (The file wasn’t my idea. Back when I had money, I hired an organizer and that was one of her ideas to haul all of the crap off my desk). Joel also has his own theme song.

Then I didn’t just feel I knew Joel I did know him. I met he and his wife Cassandra Barry, who also writes for Babble, at a fundraising dinner for my daughter’s school that my husband did. The Barry Stein’s are hoping to get into our little gem of a charter school and eat well while they do it. We also ran into them at the trash fiesta we went to. Clearly, they were our food group. I didn’t tell them about the file least I appear stalkery.

So, a tad bored as I am with the same Momversation format and working alone, I wrote Joel an email asking if I could come with my tripod and include him on this. So, it’s a parentversation. Let me know what you think.

(Production note:  Rex was upstairs watching cartoons and eating crackers while this was made.)

So do you make out with your kid?

Eau du Rex

I am VERY proud of this video. It’s one of my favorites of the year for sure. It turned out exactly how I imagined it. Thanks to cameraman Chun Ming Huang, producer Michelle Orrego who oversaw the editing to perfection. (I’m already practicing my acceptance speech for the Cool Mom Awards 2012.)

I know I am not the first parent to love their child’s smell.  Along with the cute round face, it’s another part of mother nature’s design that keeps one from leaving their wailing child on the side of a road. Recently, David Beckham commented on how he loved the smell of his new baby girl. Smell it like Beckham?

Some say it’s baby powder, some say it’s the absence of smog and cynicism. I think it’s a bit like fresh baked bread. My daughter still has a sweet smell, but it changes. I know it’s fleeting so I take big inhales of them whenever I can.

So, in keeping with my Italian Movie Star theme, I present to you the commercial I made for my favorite perfume.  But then it’s not really a commercial since Rex’s scent is not for sale

O- Bound (sponsored)

I’m about to fly to Atlanta.  Tomorrow is the O you! event.  As my visitors will recall we had a contest for Ode to the commode, the campaign to draw attention to the Clorox Toilet wand ( a disposable toilet brush, because why do reuse it? yuck)  Clorox is one of O You!’s sponsors and they asked me to do a contest giveaway for ticket to the Premier Oprah Mag event and go cover it myself.  I will be tweeting from @coolmomdotcom handle this weekend about it.

Anyway, the winner of the contest is Lori Foreman of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She seems to be quite a contest player judging from her twitter feed, but she swears she is now a Cool Mom fan… that’s right!  I look forward to meeting her tomorrow.

I’m also looking forward to seeing my cousin Sue Ellen Brogden, ( yes we spell differently, long story) who I have not seen since we were pre teens, well, maybe just teens. My daddy is from Georgia, so I might get a little choked up returning to his homeland.. first time since he died.

Also, dear friends are driving up down Saturday night from Nashville.  So my sked is bascially, land, eat dinner, sleep, Oprah event, eat dinner, sleep, fly home.

I have no idea if will touch the hem of Oprah’s garment or be in the back row while Dr. Oz lectures us to eat more healthy food.  Will let you know!

Lady Shows

Ah, that sweet hour. The kids have finally gone to sleep. I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on my nightgown and thrown moisturizing product in a vain attempt to fight the aging process. I climb into bed and decide which of my DVR’d shows I will watch tonight. It’s my time, me time.  But, once in a while, my hardworking chef husband is home to share this magic hour before slumber befalls us. Will he partake in my favorite shows?

In my “lady shows”?

I can hear Lou Rawls singing.. “Lady Shows”…