O- Bound (sponsored)

I’m about to fly to Atlanta.  Tomorrow is the O you! event.  As my visitors will recall we had a contest for Ode to the commode, the campaign to draw attention to the Clorox Toilet wand ( a disposable toilet brush, because why do reuse it? yuck)  Clorox is one of O You!’s sponsors and they asked me to do a contest giveaway for ticket to the Premier Oprah Mag event and go cover it myself.  I will be tweeting from @coolmomdotcom handle this weekend about it.

Anyway, the winner of the contest is Lori Foreman of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She seems to be quite a contest player judging from her twitter feed, but she swears she is now a Cool Mom fan… that’s right!  I look forward to meeting her tomorrow.

I’m also looking forward to seeing my cousin Sue Ellen Brogden, ( yes we spell differently, long story) who I have not seen since we were pre teens, well, maybe just teens. My daddy is from Georgia, so I might get a little choked up returning to his homeland.. first time since he died.

Also, dear friends are driving up down Saturday night from Nashville.  So my sked is bascially, land, eat dinner, sleep, Oprah event, eat dinner, sleep, fly home.

I have no idea if will touch the hem of Oprah’s garment or be in the back row while Dr. Oz lectures us to eat more healthy food.  Will let you know!

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