Getting Out of a Parking Ticket

Years ago, in San Francisco, when I was a newbie working at KGO radio I got a parking ticket. SF is brutal about them. I was complaining to veteran news talk host Jim Eason who gave me this wisdom. “Don’t sweat it, just figure into your monthly budget two parking tickets a month. It’s the price of living in a city.” Sound advice. Usually, I follow it and don’t go ape–anymore– when I do get a ticket.

But, sometimes, reason gets trumped.

9 thoughts on “Getting Out of a Parking Ticket

  1. …that’s how I feel about the TODO list… the longer and item stays on the list the more of a nightmare it becomes to deal with.

  2. OMG this made me laugh!!

    So damned true but in my case I am the one ignoring the freaking ticket (“I was dropping off donations to the thrift store, REALLY? A TICKET?! True story) and the ticket chases my husband around, and around… I had it on authority that they would have to take me to court to pay up but husband thought not and paid the damned thing.

    You are SUCH a hoot Daphne, love your clips!

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