Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom: Room Parenting

I always enjoy having a talk show in my own home. When Rex was younger he was a more placid sidekick. Now he is less Doc Sevirnson and more Crispin Glover. Special guest and Cool Mom player sister Carole drops by (be sure to check out her fun blog, LA Girl Now).

Our topic for today: being a room parent makes me understand police brutality.  Any room parents out there? Maybe you can relate.

12 thoughts on “Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom: Room Parenting

  1. So funny and so true!

    My boys attend public elementary school in San Diego and it is the same here! A core group of 5-6 parents carry out all the classroom involvement. So hilarious to think it *shocking* that we would actually make a phone call to someone’s home!!

  2. (You’re funny, Mark Mitchell!)

    I refuse to be a room rep for all the reasons you’ve clearly stated above! It’s almost as thankless a job as being an actual parent. I will, however, respond when you lovely people email and need help. I’m an awesome worker bee. Also, working in the library is fun – everybody should make time for that! xoxo

  3. Yep. Same here in public school, middle America. Last year, I was room mom for my son’s first grade class. At each class party, nobody would sign up for the craft and the game (and DUH!.. of course they wouldn’t…those are the worst jobs). So, I’d end up doing them both. For every party— Halloween, Winter/Holiday, Valentine’s Day, End of Year, Teacher’s Birthday.

    This year, when it was time to sign up for jobs at back-to-school night, I decided to do NOTHING. I’d paid my dues last year. A dad whose daughter was in the same class last year (and showed up to everything but never helped or signed up to help) said, “Gee. Are you going to sign up for everything again this year so you can control everything?” It took every ounce of restraint I had not to beat the crap out of him or use words not appropriate for a classroom. What is wrong with people? It wasn’t because I wanted to control everything. Believe me, I take no pleasure out of “controlling” the creation of some crappy fun foam picture frame and a round of bingo. I HAD to do it because nobody else would.

    John Cusak so had it wrong in Say Anything when he said being the mascot was the “worst job since keymaster.” Room Parent. THAT is the worst job.

  4. Going to be honest here … sometimes it’s truly best for the child’s relationship that parent/school relationship be minimum. But most parents who do not want to get involved with either show up when their child is there or give a small bit of money just to be done with it. You and Carole need a network show!

  5. My parents were NEVER involved in anything pertaining to m schooling.

    I don’t think I would have gained any benefit from their involvement. I would be more embarrassed than anything. Just being honest.

  6. I volunteered at my kids’ schools during the young years. Once they hit the Middle school years I figured I had done my contributing and back to work. Time for someone else to take the reins.

    Your post illustrates why so many do not get involved in the PTA (PAC here in Canada). Because a handful of women do it all and it will always be this way. No one wants to go to a meeting as they know they will be guilted into signing up for something without thinking about it. Or feel insecure that they have not done anything so don’t go to the meetings.

    A few years ago our Elementary school posted a list (online at at the school) of activities planned and if any parents were interested in devoting X amount of time to doing XX. Lists sent out with every school update. Results were great. Parents committed to time and we had phone #’s to remind them. No huge commitment for them but greater turn out of volunteers.

    You can be one of the parents who loves helping out the school with your assistance and get your joy from that. Or you can be one that bitches about it , feeling superior and alienates the others with the ‘tude.

    My choice was to ask my kids teachers what I could do to help, avoid the whole PAC/PTA stuff and ENJOY what I could do for the classes my kids were in.

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