WOW You Look Amazing

If you are like me right now your self image is at an all time low.

IF you are like me the holiday food and spirits is sitting in your gut (which your husband just called “puffy”).

If you are like me you have been unable to exercise much because your kids are home, or it’s quite cold and or you have been to busy with family stuff.

If you are like me you have a hacking cough that has lasted weeks. This cough has spread to all parts of your family.

If you are like me you have been up in the night with one of your kids because they are sick.

If you are like me this cough is so bad that you threw up in the Best Buy parking lot ( sorry person who pulled in the space after me).

If you are like me your cough is so bad that your post childbearing body turned on you and you pissed in your pants.


( Note: Vivien is wearing the dress she created on  A great site for little girls)

Well, when life gets you down, you have to turn it around, right?  So here is a short, self help moment for all of us.  ( Jo McGinley, my friend, guest stars)

18 thoughts on “WOW You Look Amazing

  1. I must say…..I feel the same way! I just had my second child and though it’s only been 10 weeks…I still have like 10 pounds to lose. I didn’t lose the weight as quickly as I did with my first child. Where can I purchase one of those fabulous buttons…I need to hear that now and then….LOL!

  2. Wow…I can so relate. Being perimenopausal with a 6yr old…the body betrays you daily. Pimples and dry skin…oily hair that is turning white. Then you have those holiday parties for my daughter where every other parent graduated hs in the late 90’s..hello class of 82! Some days it’s easier than others, but in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I’m always last on the list. Where can you get one of those buttons? 🙂

  3. Puffy?
    I am shocked. Is his stomach flat as a board?

    Start with a manicure and definitely get a pedicure
    you’ll feel better immediately.

    Vivien looks lovely. How can you feel down with that little
    beauty in your home?

  4. I don’t know where to buy it. I couldn’t remember where I got it, but then I realized that it came in a box with some slim fast. they asked if I would try some new product out and I said yes, but then figured I should wait till after the holidays. I will try to get a hold of more buttons for you all!
    You look amazing!

    ( no, he does not have a flat stomach, which I tell him ..once and a while)

  5. Forgot to add that today my youngest son asked me when I will be a Nana, I am 35 years old. I DID NOT feel amazing at that point.

  6. Doesn’t this remind you of the best scenes in Sex and the City? The chit chat in the coffee shop? Ok, minus the scandalous sex stories..

  7. ABSOLUTELY! Is it a comfort to know that those girls ( the 2 skinny ones) are always hungry? I just feel sorry for my husband when I’m hungry and on a diet, maybe that’s why Hollywood marriages don’t last???

  8. I seriously need this button for my monthly Book Club! Fabulous!

    Get a cheap manicure, seriously. Spend $15 and you feel great! I got one a few weeks ago, felt decadent, but I felt so good and could look at my hands for several days w/o wincing. Colorado winters do a number on my hands.

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