Sippy Cup Hell

To borrow the old “where’s the beef?” line…

Where’s the lid?

A drink for your kids should be so simple, but the cups and the tops get separated quicker than new socks. My kitchen drawers look like a landfill full of things that will never decompose.

Are there sippy cups with lids that stay attached? That would be a good invention.

How to Meet Dr. Oz (sponsored)

o you

1) Enter a contest on sponsored by Clorox Toilet Wand to go to O You!, O Magazine’s annual premiere event where the Oprah stars gather to share their wisdom about life improvement. (Clorox Toilet Wand was one of the sponsors of the event, too.)

2) Win the contest.

3) Have the sweetest, most open personality so that when you buy the said stars’ books or run into them they want to talk to you.

That’s the story of Lori in a nutshell, the sweet gal who won the O You contest. A much belated post here to share with you including Lori’s post about her time at O You! and a video I shot while I was there.  While the kind people at Clorox edited it for me, I didn’t do the best camera work here, but hey I was in the room with Suze Orman, and Oprah!

It was a fun event.  I would say they need to have less lines for some of the booths and more food and bathrooms, but the talks were worth the ride…and meeting Lori!


Lori’s post:

My name is Lori and I am a single mom and full-time student. With two teenagers and two kids age ten and under, being a Health Professions major trying to learn chemistry and human genetics can be very difficult to say the least.  I have been without a job for over a year now and adding the financial struggle on top of all the responsibilities I have, can sometimes seem overwhelming.  About three weeks prior to the conference I went through a very difficult situation, I thought I was going to loose my place to live.  It was a very hard time and I was terrified.  A lot of prayers, hundreds of phone calls and some amazing people,  I was able to stay in my home and it all worked out. Although relieved and extremely grateful, I felt exhausted from the fight.  Not even a full week from surviving that struggle I got an email from Daphne telling me I had won the trip to O You!  First I was in disbelief but as it all came together, I was so exhilarated to know I was going to be able to be a part of the event I had heard about and wanted so desperately to attend but knew there was no way I could afford it.  A dream come true, a gift from above and the most welcome break I think I could have ever asked for.

O You! in Atlanta, Georgia was the most energizing, uplifting and empowering event I have ever experienced.  From the arrival, going through the line to get into the convention center, until the last moments in exiting the conference, the excitement was constant.  The women I had the opportunity to encounter throughout the day from different states and parts of the world, were one of the biggest highlights for me.  To connect with women that are searching for enlightenment, women who have found truth, women in triumph, women in struggle ….. to realize you are not alone in the journey was such a revelation come real.  Seeing it up close and personal was a dream come true.

o you
Gayle King spoke giving me goose bumps in the opening ceremony,
Martha Beck and Suze Orman bringing mental and financial forecast as Lisa Ling rounded out the morning with her keynote speech that gave my goose bumps chills. After such a powerful start to the day, it was off to check out some of the sponsor tables before the first class.  Samples of Truvia, small gifts from Crest, healthy snacks from Actifry and boy o boy the free pair of Spanx!!!!!  That was a happy moment 🙂  Almost as happy as the moment of meeting the Clorox girls and getting a ToiletWand to take home!!!  Just when I thought I was in heaven with my free pair of Spanx,  I was standing next to Dr. Oz taking a photo with him!!!!  One of my best life experiences, he is one of my all time favorites.  From Dr. Oz to Bob Greene who was also kind enough to take a photo with me!!

o you

It was a day filled with meeting and being able to appreciate my favorite O Magazine contributors up close and personal.  Peter Walsh, Lisa Ling, Nate Berkus, Donna Brazile and Gayle King all in the span of a few hours.  Love, love, love Gayle!!!!  I did not know Eva LaRue was going to be there, with her beautiful Crest smile, she was so kind and took lots of photos with fans while signing many autographs.

Floating on a cloud of  ‘WOW’, the first session of “Finding Your Passion” was just what I needed.  The session was lead by Suze Orman, Martha Beck and Donna Brazile.  It was an hour and a half of soul nourishing information and essential inspiration in moving forward in life with whatever and wherever you are in your life.  Suze Orman brought out Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx to hit home the idea of believing and persistence and being ready.  A trio that was just what the doctor ordered.  Just when I thought the day could not get any better it was on to the second session of ‘Feeling Good, Looking Better’.  A session that offered steps and advice from industry leaders Dr. Mehmet Oz and Bob Greene. Living longer, looking younger, with life changing tips easily incorporated into any lifestyle accompanied by real makeovers and beauty trends of now and later.

It was a day so packed with great learning moments and it all came to a peak when all the experts came together on one stage and expressed what they know for sure.  It was such a beautiful bow on such a gift of that day.  The ultimate prize in that gift were the closing remarks, spoken so eloquently and power-filled by the O of O magazine, Oprah.  The words and the message in those words were so overwhelmingly joyous bringing the end of the conference to a spectacular close. Oprah is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear speak.  She delivered such a life-changing message that I will never forget.  Oprah even answered questions from some lucky O You! attendees!!!

Ride the wave of life, I owe it to my creator and the universe to accept life’s opportunities and do the best I can with them.  I pledge to follow my heart and live the passion that I have growing in my soul.  I will remember to do my part in the world because it only takes one to make a difference and inspire change and that is why we are all here to learn and teach and give to one another the love and the knowledge we all are capable of sharing.

I want to thank the wonderful people at Clorox for the incredible trip and the outstanding stay at the W Hotel Midtown.  It was an absolutely fabulous weekend.  A huge thank-you to you, Daphne for your wonderful website and banging blog and your awesome personality!!!  I appreciate the experience you gave me from the bottom of my heart.

P.S.  Meeting Dr. Oz was an amazing highlight because he was part of a great inspiration for me.  I weighed 220 lbs and had gotten so tired of myself.  I had become such a great minded spiritually grounded person but was miserable being so out of shape.  I began to try to loose weight and had gotten down to 180 but it was so hard and I was so overwhelmed by the process.  I love sweets and fried anything 🙂  It is so easy to eat… put it in your mouth and chew and it feels so good going down.  I saw a show Dr. Oz did with a cadaver showcasing the areas in the human body that are affected by fat… I knew about the belly fat and all the troubles it can cause and the various other areas that being overweight adversely affect.  Dr. Oz had a human brain and explained how fat deposits in the brain cells…. it was something that blew my mind and scared me to the point where I was able to get down to 135lbs and become the smallest I have ever been in my adult life, even part of my teens.  Thanks to Daphne and Clorox I was able to thank Dr. Oz personally and he even invited me to send in my story and come on the show… stay tuned to see if it becomes a reality 🙂

Holiday Shopping Guide / Product Parade

Or should I call it “Daph’s Favorite Things”? More like I got worn down by press releases. I get so many emails everyday from companies asking me to put their products in my “holiday gift guide”… but I don’t have a holiday gift guide. There’s a barrel of other sites that do a great job of listing products and I do it very infrequently. Then I thought, ah heck, I will throw them a bone. I will have a Holiday gift guide!  You see how suggestive I am?  Glad they didn’t ask me to hide nukes in my suitcase.

My first pick is one I found ON MY OWN and LOVE. It’s a diffuser. Yes, those sticks that jut out of a glass bottle and are supposed to cover the smell of crap. Most of them do nothing. Then, a few months ago, I stumbled across a gal at the Renegade Craft Fair in Downtown LA selling her good smelling wares and I become a devotee. Pure Palette scents. It’s a one gal band. Well priced. She also has candles, which I bet are also great, but with little kids I prefer no open flames in the house. She will be at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this weekend and I will be stocking up.

How about cute, old-fashioned style gift tags that also help feed hungry kids? These gift tags from Share Our Strength are inexpensive and put a little “spirit of the season” on all the material things we covet.

WHY WHY WHY? As mentioned before on this site, your kids can help you to realize what a dumb ass you are. That’s why I like the sound of these Worx toys. They are trucks, helicopters, and fire engines that also tell you HOW they work. Because when my kids ask me, their liberal arts, alternative education mom has NO idea. I have not gotten one yet. I hope too soon, and if it’s as cool as it sounds I’ll let you know.  But it’s worth a look! Price is $30 to $65 and at least in my area it’s in smaller retailers which I also like.

One I was sent too late for the vid, but love is Prank Pack.  Very Mad magazine, wacky packs, silly stuff.  You wrap a good gift in one and people thing they are getting some lame “see on TV” product like a “beer beard”.

I am in the blogger category of “no, big company, I will not publicize your giveaway/FB contest unless you are a sponsor of some sort or provide a solid giveaway for my readers which help make this sight a place to return to.”  But, sometimes a smaller company, a particularly charming pitch and here I am.  That pretty much what happened with the ones in this vid.  (One product in my vid Vitacare toothpaste I do miss now that it is gone. I liked the toothpaste more than the mouthwash though.) Thanks to Vivien for not only adding her talent, but as you will see, her production skills to this.

Lice Outbreak

PP (Pre-Parenthood) this is one of the topics that would NOT have occurred to me have, but now is a regular thing among moms to chat about … besides how we never get together and why don’t we see our friends anymore.

UPDATE:  Just in! useful information on this subject has just arrived from Adie Horowitz, ownerLicenders, (maybe she is the lice lady)

Here are here tips for lice prevention.

  • Know the “lice” time of year
    • Winter: Travel time, clothing layers, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.
    • Summer: Camp, play dates, travel, hats, road trips
  • Prevention products: peppermint is a deterrent scent to the bug, many shampoos/conditioners contain this ingredient
  • Once per week throw backpacks, hats and jackets in the dryer for 20 minutes
  • Educate children on the importance of not sharing hats, hair-bows, jackets and gloves
  • Check your children frequently for head lice, it’s much easier to get rid of if you discover it at an early stage

OMG, on the peppermint one, didn’t know.  Maybe that is why Viv hasn’t gotten lice, she eats peppermint rather often.  Thanks for the tips!

My coolmom player guest today is Jo McGinley. She and I are not only old friends, but she was in the improv group I co-founded. We did a lot of improv together. If you were in San Francisco in the 90s, I’m sure you knew of Scratch Theatre!

Well, here we scratch some lice.

what is the right age to start kindergarten? (Momversation)

Those sassy momvers were at my house again! This time, Jessica Gottlieb and Rebecca Wolf and I are talking about the controversy surrounding the appropriate age to send your kids to Kindergarten. The trend has been to hold them back so they can be sports stars like Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in Outliers. Though, this article disputes that. Each state has different cut-offs. In California, public schools will take your heirs as long as they are 5-years-old by Decemeber 1st — which means a lot of lost looking little 4-year-old girls have wondered into a room with 4-year-old boys who can’t sit still. To be fair, my daughter is a Sept baby and I spent some time thinking about what was right and spoke to her pre-school teachers and family members before I did send her to kindergarten at 4 (for a couple of weeks).  California, like other states, has now changed the law. They are rolling it back a month till they get to a September 1st cut-off.  So, Vivien will be like the old timer when she tells her friends a tad her junior, “When I was 4, I was out of pre-school.  Sure, you got to paint. I had to rush to school with a mom screaming, ‘we can’t be tardy!'”

It didn’t come out in the vid, but Rebecca’s daughter’s birthday is October 2nd. This year the cut off will be October 1st. She was born early in the morning. So, she will be THREE HOURS from being sent to Kindergarten. Instead her family is going to have to spend 12 to 15 thousand dollars. That’s a bum rap.

The other thing the vid didn’t get to is many people wouldn’t send their 4-year-olds to kindergarten if pre-school was subsidized.

I appreciated Jessica’s take on the problems of holding kids back.

Where do you fall on this? What should the cut off age be? Though they couldn’t make it different by gender, I do think the boys struggle more at that young age.

Moms with Scarves

From nobodies to somebodies they walk among us.

You know.


Moms with scarves.

Are you one of them?

Maybe that’s all a modern action hero can wear!

(Note: Help from the Cool Mom players: sister Carole, neighbor Laurie, producer Michelle. Look for my bewildered child in this vid, but please don’t call child protective services!)