Resolutions anyone? Give – a – way!

(prizes provided by Slim- Fast)
Remember way back ( about 6 days ago) I ran the video “Wow, you look amazing.”  Well, I had plum forgot that the Slim Fast folks sent me that button with a package of their new drink to try.(tried to get more buttons, no dice folks)
Despite being married to Mr Top Chef judge I have a soft spot in my heart for Slim Fast.  When I graduated from college and went home to live with my mom I also brought back with me
1) a Grateful Dead poster
2) a broken foam chair covered with an Indian muslin blanket
3) 20 extra pounds.
I always thought my parents did too good of a job on my self esteem because I thought I looked fantastic.  One day I was in my mom’s kitchen and it suddenly hit me, “oh my god, I’m fat.”
I thought of Tommy Lasorda ( I was raised a Dodger fan…um, now not so much) and at the time he was the Slim Fast spokesperson.  I thought, If Tommy can do it so can I!
So I drove down to Vons and bought a canister of the stuff.  Back in the dark ages  you had to mix the powder with non fat milk.  I followed the plan , dutifully mixing my lunch in a plastic shaker at Pasadena City College where I was taking classes in broadcasting.  I drank while I interned at stations.  When I took a break from my part time job at a big department store, it rhymes with Sordntroms. I lost 10 pounds.  Then I lost another ten pounds as I no longer had a keg hermitically sealed to my mouth.
This is not a sponsored post, because I’m not getting any cash for it.  But, I thought I might not be the only one working a resolution to lose some L-B’s.
So here is the deal…
1) Slim Fast asked me to try their new drink. They are ditching the can and have moved to the bottle. Looks like the yogurt drinks my kids gobble up.  I will and tell you what I think
2) tell me your resolutions for the year and Slim Fast has given me some Sephora gift cards to give some lucky winners. Two people will get $50 Sephora gift cards
Don’t ask me why they aren’t giving their product away, I asked, they aren’t.  But, maybe your resolution is to make more of an effort with your face, so this could work with you.
Okay, got it?
Leave your resolutions and good luck!
I will randomly pick a couple of winners by Monday the 9th.
Some of you will win Sephora gift cards to spruce yourself up
I will email the winners, who will give me their address and said winners will come back and write something like “Yeah, I’m so glad I won.”

20 thoughts on “Resolutions anyone? Give – a – way!

  1. I resolve to exercise 4 times a week.

    I was at the grocery store on January 1st and there was a minor traffic jam (of shopping carts) next to the Slimfast display. 🙂

  2. My resolution is to simplify. Down size the physical stuff in my life, streamline my regular chores around the house, and move away from processed/chemical covered foods.

  3. My resolution is to lose these last 10 pounds from my last pregnancy by eating healthier and smaller portions. Also, to realize with two kids under two sometimes things will just not get done!

  4. My resolution is to clean less and play more. I want my kids to remember a mom who had time to get down on the floor to play not scrub the floor. Does it really matter what your house looks like if your kids are happy and healthy???

  5. My 2012 resolution is not to be so hard on myself, not punish myself QUITE as much as I seem to do. It’s OK to enjoy life, if that means a bottle of red in the evening, IT’S OK! If that means a 100g bar of chocolate instead of lunch that’s OK! Do it, enjoy it.

  6. My resolution is to reinstate “date night” with my four boys. Life gets in the way of me spending individual, quality time with each, but if it’s on the calendar, and we all see it, it’s hard to blow off. Having a little make up on my face during my dates, bonus!

  7. 2 resolutions for 2012:

    1) Drink less soda.

    2) Remember people’s names for longer than .04 seconds after meeting them.

    Just picked up the new SF in bottles during our recent trip to Sam’s Club. My hubby’s a fan.

    Happy New Year!

  8. I haven’t made any “official” resolutions, but unofficially I resolve to unplug more when I’m home with my kids… put the iPhone/iPad, etc. down and spend more time paying attention to them; and to have more FUN… I spend too much time working, cleaning, etc., and not enough time just relaxing and having fun.

    Happy 2012!

  9. Hi Daphne!!
    I’m 31yr old SAHM with 3 kiddos so this resolution stuff is a bit hard to keep up with (Momma comes last). Still the New Year comes and I can’t help myself.!

    I resolve to…
    Have more date nights with hubby
    Lose the extra baby weight (abt. 15lbs)
    Start using a wrinkle cream
    & Potty train my 2yr old!! <— This may be the hardest one 😉

    Have a great year!!

  10. This is the time of the year when a lot of people make their resolutions known. Almost every start of a year, the most popular resolution being made is losing weight (you are right on that, Daphne). It certainly takes a lot of resolve and willpower to make that resolution turn up. Even a writer such as myself would agree and vouch for that. And for people who are going to try Slim Fast, it’s a good think to know that it tastes just like any other drink (it doesn’t taste like a diet drink at all).

  11. I am resolving to break my lifelong habit of picking my cuticles, it gonna be rough because its stress related. Half the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it! I also want to quit drinking soda altogether and stop with the cream in my coffee- both of which suck. Lastly, I will fix that damn fireplace mantle!! It really is too bad that I didn’t win that trip to the O-you conference, Nate would have worked that shit out.

  12. HEY I have the same resolution as Brenna — stop picking my cuticles!

    Also get some passion back into my marriage. We are a great team but it is all about project managmenet these days, need some more fun and love. Kind of a bigger deal then the cuticles I guess.

  13. 1. Eat at least one serving of whole grains each day.
    2. Drink no more than 2 sugary drinks each day.
    3. Aerobic Walking at least 2 times a week.

  14. It’s been so long since I made a New Year’s Resolution….probably spend more time just hanging out w/ my 6yr old daughter and get my dang house organized!

  15. I resolute to pray more, reflect more, and take care of my self more diet wise! Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway

  16. This year I resolve to:

    -lose 10lbs by June
    -exercise 3x a week
    -play the piano more & teach my daughter guitar

    All of these I’ve already started, I pray for the motivation and will power to continue to the end of the year.

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