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  1. We left our 6 month old with the grandparents for 5 days while we took our 3 year old on vacation. I know your angst. We almost didn’t go, then we almost took the baby knowing it would be a difficult vacation for her (and us).

    It was so hard to leave her but it was the best vacation. It was relaxing and also nice to spend one-on-one time with our older son. Rex will be fine and sounds like he’ll have so much fun!

  2. I had to leave Ava for 10 days once and it was brutal. The difference is mine was for work (ok…a few days of pleasure in the middle but I couldn’t come back across the country so….) and also I left her with her dad which makes it easier. Well, sort of. I was pretty much a basket case by day 7. So, based on that analytical data, you should be fine! Enjoy it. As you said- not often you get to Europe and frankly, he won’t remember it.

  3. We left our 2 year old for a week this winter. She was with her grandparents- happy as a clam. I found the hardest parts were at night, when my head hit the pillow and I thought about her and really missed her. But all in all, the pros outweighed the cons and it was a much needed vacation with my husband. It will be tough, but you can do it!

  4. It would take a week to get over the 10 hour flight anyway, you’re TOTALLY making the right decision, even if it is hard for you and for Rex. Good luck and have a great time in Europe… I love the way Americans say they are going to Europe, like it’s one country.

  5. Go! Have Fun! You are leaving him with good folks that love him and will take good care of him … he will probably have MUCH more fun here with them than he would in Europe .. would be wasted on him plus all the trauma from the flight and change in venue (that is BIG for a kiddo his age .. being out of his element). I wouldn’t skype … jmho … will be much harder on you than him.

    Gotta be that woman, here … since you said at end “I’m a bad mom”. Ever notice that Dad is left out of the equation … Dad is going too, right? I bet you don’t think Mark is a bad Dad … just sayin’. 🙂

    Have Fun! So jealous!

  6. You are in no way a bad mom. In fact, I find it very hard to believe it would be fun or beneficial to Max to drag him through a whirlwind trip such as this. He’s bound to have much more fun having a variety of activities that are appropriate for him.

  7. Ha! Wait till your kids get older. The guilt is near gone 🙂 Have thrice traveled to the Netherlands (where my lil sis lives) with my big sis. Not only did I leave all 3 kids home for two weeks, I left hubby too. MY TIME and do not regret a single moment of it 🙂 When I get home they are so appreciative about having me home and I have loved the adventure.

    The Bi-annual trip has us leaving next spring. Whoot!

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